Block 5 - Basketball Shooting Contest

Second Saturday Basketball Shooting Contest

When: Begins at 11:00 am on Saturday, February 11
Where: El Pomar Sports Center - Reid Arena, Auxiliary Gym & Fitness Center Rec Gym

Register Here or just show up and register on-site with a valid gold card


- Individuals will receive 2 minutes to score as many points as possible; the timer
will start on the officials whistle.
- Individuals may start at any of the designated positions on the court.
- Participants do not need to dribble between shots.
- There is no out-of-bounds.
- The last shot must leave the player’s hand before the horn to count.
- The top scoring individuals from will advance to a semifinal and then to a final round.
- If a tie-breaker is needed after a round, those individuals will have 30 seconds to to score as many points as possible. In the case of multiple ties, this will continue until one individual advances.


Point Values

• 1 point- any shot made when a player starts OR finishes in the lane, including all lane
lines and the free throw line.
• 2 points- any shot made when a player starts AND finishes outside of the lane (all other
shots inside the arc, but outside the lane).
• 3 points- any shot made when a player starts outside of the 3-point arc (traditional 3-
point attempt, may finish inside the arc).
• 5 points- any shot made when a player starts from half court.


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Tiger Shield

Director of Recreation & Fitness Center

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