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Frequently Asked Questions

Can one person play on two teams if they are in different leagues?

No, unless you are currently a Residential Advisor or Head Resident on Campus. League designations have been made to ensure fair and equitable competition within a boundary of similar skill levels.

What happens to my team if we keep forfeiting?

After 2 forfeits, your team will be removed from the league or tournament they are participating in at the time. 

What should I do if I find out that my team can't make it to a scheduled game? 

Call the IM Office at least 24 hours before the game is scheduled to start. This guarantees that your team does not forfeit the game, and gives us a chance to attempt rescheduling.

How many people does my team need to avoid forfeiting games? 

You need one less than the optimum number of players the sport demands.

Is it OK to bring a beer to a game if I just want to watch a friend compete?

No. Alcohol is not allowed at any intramural event, whether it is in the possession of a player or a fan. The team that that person is affiliated with automatically forfeits the game in question. The IM Department draws its alcohol policy verbatim from the Colorado College Pathfinder. Check there for a more detailed enumeration of CC's rules.   

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Director of Recreation & Fitness Center

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Assistant Director of Recreation

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