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Pre-Holiday Futsal Tournament

M, 12/15:30Title 69 vs. Pinapple FC
6:30 Blue Balls 2.0 vs. Getting Messi
7:30 Smokum vs. Show us your punt
8:30 The Fighting Owls vs. Team Secondchance
T, 12/25:30Odds Are... vs. The Homies Cartel
6:30 Lake Titicaca Thunder vs. Papi Chulos
7:30 Florida Geezers vs. Squad
8:30 Inceptional Dream vs. Female Athletic Types
Wed, 12/35:30Dylexia Untied vs Title 69 
6:30 Pineapple FC vs. The Homies Cartel
7:30 Getting Messi vs. Show us your punt
8:30 Team Secondchance vs. Odds Are 
Th, 12/45:30Lake Titicaca Thunder vs. Squad
6:30 Female Athletic Types vs. Title 69
7:30 Florida Geezers vs. Papi Chulos
8:30 Inceptional Dream vs. Dyslexia Untied
M, 12/85:30Blue Balls 2.0 vs. Smokum
6:30 The Fighting Owls vs. Pineapple FC
7:30 Team Secondchance vs. Papi Chulos
8:30 Getting Messi vs. Dyslexia Untied
T, 12/95:30Female Athletic Types vs. Smokum
6:30 Squad vs. Pinapple FC
7:30 Show us your Punt vs. Odds Are...
8:30 Lake Titicaca Thunder vs. Title 69
W, 12/105:30Team Secondchance vs. Dyslexia Untied
6:30 Smokum vs. Squad
Th, 12/115:30Lake Titicaca Thunder vs. Team Secondchance
6:30 Show us vs. Smokum
Mon, 12/155:30Odds Are vs. Title 69
6:30 Team Secondchance vs. Smokum
Tue, 12/165:30Team Secondchance vs. Odds Are...
Wed, 12/175:30Title 69 defeated Odds Are...