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Kickball Tournament
Rules of the Game

  • Team play consists of 7 vs. 7. A team may start and continue to play with 6 players. Less than 6 players will merit the assessment of a forfeit. A forfeit will be called on any team or teams who do not present with at least 6 players, 10 minutes after official game time.
  • The co-ed rule is in effect for all teams -- two members of the under-represented sex must be on the field of play at all times. A team may start and play with one member of the under-represented sex but the team must play a man-down until the second person of the under-represented sex arrives at the game. Failure to observe these guidelines will result in a forfeit by the offending team.
  • A person can play for only one team -- jumping teams is strictly prohibited.
  • Each game will last: 1) one hour, 2) seven innings, 3) called by a mercy-rule if there is a 15-run differential after 3 innings or 4) called by a mercy-rule if there is a 10-run differential at the end of 5 innings. The mercy rule will NOT be in effect for the championship game(s).
  • Teams will pitch to themselves and the ball must be pitched underhanded. Each kicker will be pitched only three pitches -- walks are not permitted and a foul on the kicker's third pitch will be called an out.
  • Each kicker will be pitched only three pitches – walks are not permitted and a foul on the kickers third strike will be called an out.
  • An out will be called for any forced play (same as softball), anytime the ball hits the runner at or below the shoulder either off an offensive kick or a throw by a defensive player, or any time a fielder catches a fly ball.
  • For games that are played in the Reid Arena, the walls are considered "live." However, if the ball comes off the wall on the fly and the defensive player catches it, it is not an out and everyone should continue playing.
  • ONLY in the case of EXTREME inclement weather will the decision be made to cancel games. The designated captain will be contacted by 5:00 pm that day if a cancellation occurs, otherwise, all games will continue according to schedule.
  • Due to the tournament structure, re-scheduling will not be permitted. Only in the case of severe inclement weather will games be rescheduled.

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