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The Big Idea

The Big Idea is a pitch competition where student teams from Colorado College have the opportunity to compete for up to $25,000 in seed funding. The competition follows a traditional business-pitch format, but entries can take a variety of forms including a for-profit business, nonprofit, or social enterprise. Student-led initiatives should focus on innovation, and can range from technological innovation to social and cultural innovation. 


Check eligibility requirements, including minimum team size, here


The 2018-2019 Big Idea competition final event will take place February 7, 2019. To participate, teams must register by December 16th, 2019. More details on due dates, event timing, and how to register are available here

The Big-Idea Dynamic Half-Block

Although not required, teams are highly encouraged to complete the Big Idea Half-Block class. This Half-Block is an opportunity for student teams to consult with experts, and to hone ideas through iteration. Topics such as: core value proposition and alignment with your target population/market; burning match pitch; executive summary; and pitch deck and startup model will be discussed. 

The registration for the Half-Block is open until December 20, 2018. The course runs from January 7 to 17  2019. To find more information and register, visit here.

Required Materials

Teams must submit four documents to participate in the semi-final round of the big idea. The materials are described here, and will be workshopped in-depth during the Big Idea half-block. Teams will also be given the opportunity to have their materials reviewed and receive feedback prior to the due date: January 22, 2019. 

Email Aabhusan Khadka, Innovation paraprof and Big Idea Organizer, at if you have questions or would like to discuss your idea.