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Guided Focusing Process

Guided Focusing Process  by Barbara Bash

MP3 of Exercise 


Find a comfortable position sitting or lying down.
Close your eyes. Begin by taking a few deep breaths.

 Bring your attention to the points of contact with the ground,
your feet on the floor, the sense of support if you are sitting on a chair, the quality of being held, the awareness of gravity in the body - the experience of being grounded. 

 Then bring your attention to your head, your ears and any sounds in the environment.  Notice the feeling of space around you. Let your awareness of the space expand out. 

 Bring your attention to the chest / heart area - you can place your hand here if you want - and feel the quality of being simply present for whatever will unfold.


Bring your attention into the core area of the body.

You can bring in a particular situation in your life that you would like to explore or you can just see what is there in your body that wants your attention.

 Start with the throat area and then scan down through the shoulders, chest, stomach, belly, pelvis noticing any sensation that catches your attention. It's like taking a walk through your internal landscape.

 What do you are notice?  Where does this issue live in your body?

What calls your attention?

If there are two places, pick the one you have the most curiosity about.


Now focus on this sense of "something" in a gentle way. Where is it located? What shape does it have? Does it have a color or texture? Is it distinct or fuzzy and vague. This is the felt sense. Is there an image associated with it? Does it remind you of anything in your life? Has it changed in any way during the time you have been being with it ?

 Sit with the felt sense with a spirit of friendly attending and listening, the way you would listen to a friend, or the way you would be with a very shy creature.

 What does the felt sense want you to know?

If it had a voice what might it say?

 Check to see if the felt sense has changed as you've been with it.

Is there anything else that wants to be known?

Follow whatever draws your attention -

the forward momentum of life, like water, finding its way.

 Notice any small shifts, insights.

Check if there is anything more.

See if it feels like a good time to end.


When there is a feeling of completion thank your body for whatever came.

Tell your felt sense that you'll be back to connect with it again.

 Take a deep breath. When you are ready, open your eyes and return to an awareness of your surroundings.

 Share whatever you want about what happened with the person guiding you, or do some journaling about what you noticed.