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Faces of Innovation

Moriah Cowles
Moriah Cowles marrying art and function with handcrafted knives
Ryan Banagale
Ryan BaƱagale presenting familiar music in an unexpected way
Flora Liu
Flora Liu merging dance and biology to find happiness
Jeremy and David Wilhelm
Jeremy & David Wilhelm brothers inspired by performance
Alexander Salazar
Alexander Salazar building a community for the arts
David Phillips
David Phillips rethink everything
Marc Webb
Marc Webb modern-day mythologist
Jane Hilberry
Jane Hilberry the revelatory nature of poetry
Shane Lory
Shane Lory it's food, not waste
Charity Haygood
Charity Haygood teaching children
how to "fish"
Paul-miki Akpablie
Paul-miki Akpablie enabling more reliable communications
Rebecca Tucker
Rebecca Tucker making the museum the classroom
Azeem Sola
Azeem Sola saving small business from disaster
Beza Taddess
Beza Taddess driving global health equity
Shawn and Laura Sears
Shawn & Laura Sears promoting educational equity
Matthew Valeta
Matthew Valeta making healthcare accessible
Jennifer Cajina-Grigsby
Jennifer Cajina-Grigsby uncovering unreported voices
Margaret Liu
Margaret Liu bringing new vaccines to the world
Mark Fiore
Mark Fiore bringing satire to life
Chip Collins
Chip Collins leading sustainable forestry
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