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The Innovation Space

Open Building Hours:

Monday 9am - 8pm
Tuesday 9am - 8pm
Wednesday 9am - 8pm
Thursday 9am - 8pm
Friday 9am - 8pm
Saturday  - 
Sunday 1pm - 4pm

These hours are effective through fourth week, Tuesday. Fourth week Wednesday until first week Monday we will only be open 9am - 5pm during weekdays.

If you have taken the laser cutter training, the laser cutter is open to use during any of the open building hours – please ask a staff member for access.

For swipe access through the north parking lot door, including during after hours and block breaks, please email Aabhu,

The Innovation space is open to all students at CC to use freely, no reservation or notices needed. 

The first level is a workspace featuring whiteboards, desks, and chairs-- all on wheels, so that the space can be easily rearranged. The main level also houses a projector, a printer, and a couch.

The basement level includes more workspace, a full kitchen, a makerspace, a 40-watt laser cutter, a loom, and a meditation room.

Reserve the Space: To reserve the space for your club meeting, event, or project that requires exclusive use of the space, please fill out this form and email it to Alana at

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