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About Innovation at CC

Find out how we are making an impact

What is Innovation at CC?

Students, faculty, and staff at Colorado College are part of a vibrant community characterized by an adventurous spirit and love of learning. As one of the cornerstones of CC’s strategic plan, Innovation at CC offers the collaborative focal point for new ideas and creative visions.

Innovation at CC provides students with tools, resources, expertise, and mentorship to put their ideas into action. We offer curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities that range from attracting alumni and industry leaders as resources, to offering courses and workshop opportunities to help channel raw creativity.

We believe any student, in any academic discipline, has the potential to create change through innovation. Our goal is to help students tap into the value of their liberal arts education to create a culture of creativity and innovation on campus where students can not only dream, but can also turn their ideas into action – and generate impact.

Our Staff

Dez Stone Menendez ’02

Director of Innovation

Dez Stone Menendez ’02 started as director of Innovation at CC in September 2016. She began working as an entrepreneur at age 23 and the orienting principle of her work is to empower people to lead larger and more creative lives. She is the founder and owner of the Possibility Room, which began as a startup incubator in Seattle focused on executing new businesses and expanding existing businesses.

Dez graduated from CC with a self-designed major in poetry and visual art titled A New Language: The Architecture of Word and Image. She has started several other businesses and served as a consultant focused on fostering growth in artisan and trade-based businesses, developing systems for new and established businesses to enhance efficiency, workspace organization, and project management.

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