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Dr. Bruce Baird ’81
David Banks ’77
Maureen Botoman ’11
Sierra May Burchel ’07
David Coffee ’96
Matt Douglas ’95
David Florsheim '78' Douglas Garrison ’10
Laurel Hecker ’13
Christopher Hicks ’72
Peter Kast ’72
Thomas McKenzie '76 Mark Osmond ’78
Lars Parkin ’07
Sam Schonfeld ’18
Charlie Sulfrian ’73
Hannah Tilden ’16
Rick Zier ’73

Colorado College Rugby Turns 50

This fall, students, alumni players, and parents celebrated the Golden Anniversary of Colorado College rugby, 1967-2017, at Homecoming Weekend, October 13-15, 2017.

See photos of the rugby game and lunch.

In the winter of 1967, CC students formed a rugby club and learned the new game on the soccer field using one ball and old football jerseys. The first 16-man squad, only two of whom had ever played before, put on the first rugby match on campus in the spring of 1968. Rugby has been played at Colorado College ever since.

Homecoming festivities included matches by the men's and women's teams, an alumni vs. students match, and a gala, to commemorate the progression of the team throughout the years. See event details below.

Event coordinator David Banks ’77 invites anyone with photos, video clips, memorabilia, and anything else that adds to the rich history of CC rugby, to come forward now.  All contributions must be non-incriminating evidence or testimony. You can contact him at

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Homecoming Events

Friday, Oct. 13
6 p.m.
Women’s Rugby, Washburn Field

8 p.m.
Men’s Rugby, Washburn Field

Saturday, Oct. 14
10:30 a.m.-noon
Alumni vs. Student Challenge, Donald Autrey Field

12:30 – 3 p.m.
The Colorado College Rugby Golden Anniversary Retrospective

Presenters include Peter Kast ’72, Rick Zier ’73, and Mark Osmond ’78 presenting the rugby and times during the 1960s and 1970s. Tom Coogan ’83 and Dr. Bruce Baird ’81 will talk about the 1980s. Matt Douglas ’95 will team with David Coffee ’96 to cover the 1990s. Douglas Garrison ’10, Lars Parkin ’07, Sierra May Burchel ’07, and Maureen Botoman ’11 will present college rugby of the 2000s. Laurel Hecker ’13, Hannah Tilden ’16, and the current team captains, Sam Schonfeld ’18 and Leah Ciffolillo ’18, will update on the years 2010 to the present.

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