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See Who Plans to Attend
*Indicates that the individual is officially registered for Homecoming.

Caitlin Barbera*
Carolyn Barnwell*
Anna Berghoff
Taylor Black*
Lee Carter*
Emmanuel Chan
Chris Cooke
Katherine Corwin*
Ian Coughlan*
Ryan Coyle*
Scott Craighead
Fransiska Dannemann*
Anna Euser
Sarah Fischer
Arian Frost*
Emily Fukunaga*
Daniel Fuwa*
Nikki Gallen*
Emmo Gates*
Flynn George
Tami Goodlette*
Nathan Gustilo*
Leslie Jacoby*
Laurie Laker*
Charles Lovering
Lauren MacCollum*
Coco Marien
Dan Marion*
Kelsey Morell*
Shannon Morgan*
Virginia Nelson*
Brendan Neville*
Laura Putnam
Katie Rogers*
Melissa Schott*
Noah Schroeder*
Emma Sharer
Daphne Shethar*
Vivian Spiess
Beth Steeler*
Bernadette Stocker*
Alex Tarika
Luke Urban*
Matthew Valeta
Malia Vitousek*
Lizzie Votruba*
Will Walcott*
Jeremiah Waters*
Tim Weiss
Joey Wolf
Jordan Yeager*
Peter Yould
Zachary Zeidler*

Class Giving Goals & Progress

2012 Class Gift
Class Gift Goal: $20,000
Class Gift Progress: $4,793

Participation Goal: 25% or 130 donors
Participation Progress: 14% or 71 donors

2012 Donor Roll


Please allow a week from receipt for your documented gift to be reflected on the donor roll. Names are updated every Tuesday. Last updated: 9/18/17

Juan Arias
Carolyn Barnwell
Charlotte Baynard
Cassandra Benson
Anna Berghoff
Jake Brownell
Max Brown
Will Brown
Peyton Budd
Lee Carter
Robby Caseria
Katherine Corwin
Ryan Coyle
Margot Cutter
Fransiska Dannemann
Maggie Edmunds
Kelsey Elwood
Sarah Evans
Samantha Ford
Arian Frost
Leah Fugere
Emily Fukunaga
Daniel Fuwa
Michael Goforth
Sophie Goodman
Arielle Gross
Andrew Hacker
Jeffrey Hester
Bryce Ingram
Cobun Keegan
Alex Kronman
Joselyn Lantigua
Dicky Liu
Garrett Lund
Coco Marien
Dan Marion
Carrie Markel
Desirae Martinez
Meghann Maurer
Marissa McCullogh
James McGugan
Kelsey Morell
Shannon Morgan
Marcella Morgan
Devin Nadar
Virginia Nelson
Allison O'Connell
Sydney Paez Duncan
Nick Palombo
Aaron Patterson
Charlotte Pfeffer
Laura Putnam
Kyle Ruckman
Melissa Schott
Noah Schroeder
Torin Schuster
Nina Sheade
Daphne Shethar
Becca Spiegel
Ben Taber
Alex Tarika
Sarah Velez
Malia Vitousek
Lizzie Votruba
Robin Walter
Jeremiah Waters
Tim Weiss
Riely White
Jordan Yeager
Billy Zuke

Give Now

Class of 2012, 5th Reunion

Reunion Events

Friday, Oct. 13
9:30-11:30 p.m.
Class of 2012 Return to the 9th Block, La’au’s Taco Shop, 830 N. Tejon St. #110
Saturday, Oct. 14
11:30 a.m.-12:20 p.m.
Interval Training Meets CC Dance Party, Cossitt Gym, 906 N. Cascade Ave.
Join Sally Ogilby '13 for a BLOCK21 class, partnering with Mitzvoters to give you a dance party workout in true CC fashion.
To sign-up for this event, visit the BLOCK21 website.

7-9 p.m.
Class of 2012 Reception, Tutt Alumni House, 1205 N. Cascade Ave.

Sunday, Oct. 15
11 a.m.
Class of 2012 Brunch, Rastall Dining Hall

Your 5th Reunion Committee

Emmanuel Chan
Ryan Coyle
Scott Craighead
Fransiska Dannemann
Emily Fukunaga
Melissa Schott    
Elizabeth Votruba

Lost Classmates

Help us find the following lost classmates.

Send updates to

Lost Classmates

Lost Classmates
Giulio Romano Brandi
James Kerney

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