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See Who Plans to Attend
*Indicates that the individual is officially registered for Homecoming.

Jeffrey Ackman
Paul Ahern*
David Banks*
Neil Bergstrom*
Susie Smith Burghart*
Connie Peters Cattell*
Eric Cattell*
Kim Smith Fanelli
Patty Freudenburg*
Philip Genty*
Maile Gray
Bill Griffith*
Dexter Guerrieri*
Alan Harris
Karen Helrich*
Mallory Moore Hinz*
Jeff Johnston*
Kris Hill Johnston*
Loren Wright Laureti*
Bruce Lemmon*
Jean Robertson Lemmon*
Julie Leshay*
Steve Lewis*
Kevin Liddle*
Alice Ballew McAlpine
Cici Ferrari McGinnis*
Mark McGinnis*
Kathy Nyrop*
Mary Borra O'Connor
Nancy O'Malley*
Doug Obletz*
Paul Petersky*
David Schollenberger*
Anne Hallock Smith*
Ted Swan*
Lisa Thomason*
Jane Kucera Thompson*
Gene Wadas*
John Weiss '78*
Jeff Wengrovius
Anne Woodward White*
Kris Lau Wimberg*
Linda Bradley Zwick*

Class Giving Goals & Progress

1977 Class Gift
Class Gift Goal: $1,000,000
Class Gift Progress: $755,040

Participation Goal: 32% or 123 donors
Participation Progress: 18% or 70 donors

1977 Donor Roll


Please allow a week from signature or receipt for your documented gift or bequest to be reflected on the donor roll. Names are updated every Tuesday. Last updated: 9/18/17

Jeffrey Ackman
Paul Ahern
Kent Allebrand
David Banks
Margaret Benoit (Snow)
Marla Borowski
Beth Braker
Sandra Brown-Casey
Susie Burghart (Smith)
Bill Busby
Peggy Christie (Yaeger)
Chip Collins
Genet D'Arcy
Virginia Dean (Lynch)
Michael Dennis
Patti Freudenburg
Lisa Gibbs (Kirby)
Maile Gray
Diane Hands (Harper)
Charlie Harding
Alan Harris
Karen Helrich
Steve Hicks
Denni Hughes (Ziskin)
Lynn Israel
Betsy Johnson
Jeff Johnston
Kris Johnston (Hill)
Laurie Jones
Dan Krivit
Loren Laureti (Wright)
Judy Laux
Bruce Lemmon
Jean Lemmon (Robertson)
Julie Leshay (Marine)
Steve Lewis
Kevin Liddle
Margaret Liu
Jim Lowry
Walter Madsen
Alice McAlpine (Ballew)
Donna McNeil (Case)
Sandra Moench (Harmon)
Chris Moulding
Emery Nauden
Kathy Nyrop
Sean O'Donnell
Nancy O'Malley
Kay O'Neill
Bryce Panzer
Ken Perry
Pam Polite-Fisco (Polite)
Jim Prouty
Rick Ross
Susan Sadler
Sharon Simpson
Anne Smith (Hallock)
Ted Swan
Lisa Thomason
Jane Thompson (Kucera)
Dan Thorndike
Kat Tudor (Johnston)
Marietta Turner (Ekberg)
Woody White (Woodward)
Suzanne White (Stenmark)
Cathy Wilson-O'Donnell (Wilson)
Kris Wimberg (Lau)
Gordon Yarrington
Robert Zimmerman
Linda Zwick (Bradley)

Give Now

Class of 1977, 40th Reunion

Reunion Events

Friday, Oct. 13
6-8 p.m.
Reception at Maile Gray’s home, 320 Crystal Hills Blvd., Manitou Springs 80829

Saturday, Oct. 14
6-9 p.m.
Class of 1977 Reception, The Gym, Ivywild School, 1604 S Cascade Ave.

Your 40th Reunion Committee

Maile Gray
Alan Harris
Karen Helrich
Bruce Lemmon
Jean Robertson Lemmon
Alice Ballew McAlpine
David Schollenberger
Ted Swan

Lost Classmates

Help us find the following lost classmates.
Send updates to

Lost Classmates

Lost Classmates

Saud Mohammad Al-Mansouri
Todd McLane Ferguson
Elizabeth Carolyn Garcia (Beaman)
David A. Paris
Christy Ann Philipp
Eric John Martin Thompson

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