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CEC Members

Please feel free to contact any one of the CEC members if you have questions or comments regarding general education at CC or the review process. 

2017-2018 Curriculum Executive Committee Members

  • Prof. Henry Fricke, NST
  • Prof. Corinne Scheiner, standing in for Prof. Tip Ragan, ID
  • Prof. Gail Murphy-Geiss, SST
  • Prof. Genny Love, HT
  • Prof. Dylan Nelson, HU
  • Prof. Olivia Hatton, NSU
  • Prof. Manya Whitaker, SSU

Ex-officio members

  • Dean Sandra Wong, Dean of the Faculty and Dean of the College
  • Dr. Tracy Santa, Writing Program Director
  • Dr. Aaron Stoller, FYE Director

Student members

  • Natalia Dellavalle
  • Sara Fleming
  • Kailee Stiles