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Best of FYE Essays 2014-2015

Olivia Berlin, MU182: Emotion and Meaning in Music

“Timeless Themes: The Interchangeability of Interpretations in Music”


Andrew Braverman, CO100: Introduction to Comparative Literature

“Don Quixote and King Lear on the Nature of Madness”


Emily Cain, Geology 150: Environmental Geology

“The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: History, Risks, and The Bay Delta Conservation Plan”


Ian Carey, PH201: History of Modern Philosophy

“Leibnitz Through the Calculation of Definitions and Limits”


Natalia Dellavalle, MA151: The World of Numbers

“The Appearance of the Fibonacci Sequence in Nature”


Lydia Garthwait, PC123: The Scientific Revolution

“The Scientific Revolution: Different Answers for Different Questions”


Rebecca Glazer, GR121: German Cultural History

“Ambiguous Messages and Contemporary Morals in Tales by the Brothers Grimm”


Eva Goldfinger, AH114: Art East & West

“Rikyu’s Innovations in the Japanese Tea Ceremony”


Helen Griffiths, PS150: Fundamental Debates on the Common Good

“Rousseau: The Bondage of Inter-Dependence”


Kyla Jarka, HY109/AS111: Civilization in East Asia

“Murasaki’s Musings: Analyzing the Influence of Religion on the Court of Heian Japan”


Emma Martin, PS203/HY200: The Search for Islamic Order

“A Nuclear Iran: Islamic Principles or Strategic Need?”


Emily Navarro, FG110: Introduction to Feminist and Gender Studies

“What Happened to the Sisterhood?”


Kaitlyn O’Donnell, ED250: The Aims of Education

“Standing Its Ground: The Value of a College Education”


Jake Peterson, PY101: Introduction to Psychology

“Nostalgia: The Puzzling Predicament of a Positive and Negative Emotion”


Joe Purtell, EN280/ES280: Encountering India

“The Power of Privilege: Western Oppression of the ‘Other’”


Hanbo Shao, MU227: Great Ideas in Politics and Music

“Beethoven and the Quality of Silence: Opus 131, Movement 1”


Cameron Stopforth, PY178: Science and Ethics of Biotechnology

“PTSD Treatment: The Pros and Cons of Deep Brain Stimulation versus Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation”


Madeline Walden, CH100: Kitchen Chemistry

“Attempts to Abolish Urban Food Deserts”