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Best of FYE Essays

Each year, the Writing Committee honors a few outstanding papers from the pool of successful works produced in First-Year Experience courses.

Because one of the main goals of the FYE program is to help new students develop their writing skills, the selected students are distinguished with a publication of their efforts on our website.

A Word from the Writing Committee:

You will notice a broad range of topics and approaches here. There are papers from all three academic divisions — Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences — and formats that range from reflective interpretations to research papers. First-year students wrote the papers collected here as specific assignments for their courses, so their content also reflects some of the types of writing professors are currently seeking from students.

None of us, from first-year student to professor, is ever finished with the process of learning how to write. As you will see, the papers here are works in progress — fine examples of what our first-year students can do with an assignment, a few days time, and a word processor. They all reflect intelligence, clarity of thought, and hard work. None of them are meant to stand as examples of perfection, or models for grading. All are tributes to the importance we place on good writing at Colorado College.

— The Writing Committee: 
Jane Murphy - Chair, Tracy Santa, Sarah Labrie, Roy Jo Sartin, 

In previous years, the Writing Committee selected a few essays from among those nominated by faculty.  This year’s Best of FYE publication celebrates the breadth of work done by First-Year Experience students by publishing every essay nominated by faculty as representative of the best work from the associated FYE course.

Best of FYE Essays 2014-2015