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2019-2020 FYE Mentor Selection

FYE Mentors are selected by the 2019-2020 FYE seminar instructors during block 6 and early block 7. In order to apply to become a mentor, you should take the following steps:

  1. Review the FYE Mentor Position Description and Terms of Appointment so that you understand the nature of the position and commitment required by the position
  2. Review the list of 2019-2020 FYE seminars
  3. Write a brief email to the faculty member(s) of the course for which you would like to mentor. In that email, please include a short explanation of why you would like to become a mentor, including any particular skills, talents, or strengths you would bring to the position. Please note that each faculty member will approach the selection process differently. Some may gather emails for review while others may want to meet with you. If a faculty member does not return your email, please feel free to check your status with the FYE program. 
  4. During block 7, you will be notified of your status (selected or alternate). 


  • Feb 25: Mentor selection process opens
  • Feb 25 - Mar 29: Interested students contact FYE faculty to express their interest
  • Mar 29: FYE faculty members notify the FYE program of their choices
  • Mar 29 - Apr 18: FYE program contacts all students notifying them of their status and collects Mentor Terms of Appointment


  • Agree to the FYE Mentor Terms of AppointmentPlease note that FYE mentors cannot also be NSO ("Priddy Trip") Leaders
  • Attend and participate in FYE mentor training (see Terms of Appointment for details)
  • Be on campus during Blocks 1 & 2 (5 & 6 for Winter Start mentors) and willing to work closely and intensely with first year students during this period
  • Serve as positive role model and point of contact for first year students throughout the duration of the 2019-2020 academic year
  • Remain in good academic and conduct standing throughout duration of appointment
  • Maintain minimum GPA of 2.75 or above


  • $1,000 for Fall Start Mentors and $500 Winter Start Mentors. Team Leaders receive an additional $500 (if interested, contact Gwen Nuss, FYE Mentor Program Coordinator, for details)
  • Develop leadership and mentorship skills
  • Leave a significant impact on incoming CC students
  • Develop a unique relationship with FYE faculty instructor