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The Academic Honor System

Established in 1948, the Honor System is an essential part of the academic program. Upon admission, students commit themselves to uphold the Colorado College Honor Code. Unless otherwise stipulated, work done on all assignments shall be entirely the student’s, with quotations, paraphrases, and ideas not the student’s own acknowledged in standard form. Under the Honor Code, examinations are not proctored; student honesty is assumed. 

Students administer the Honor System, appointing via an open process an Honor Council of 20-46 students to educate the campus about the Honor Code; to investigate alleged violations; and to recommend penalties for violators, ranging from no credit grades to dismissal. Providing a trusting atmosphere, the Honor System encourages the development of personal honor, individual responsibility, and academic integrity.

For more information, see the Honor Council's website.


Mollie Hayden, Class of 2014
Alex Langstaff, Class of 2014
Student Co-Chairs

Dennis McEnnerney, Philosophy
Dana Wittmer, Political Science
Faculty Advisors