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First Year Advising

What is an academic advisor and why do I need one?

An academic advisor is a faculty member who serves as your academic mentor at Colorado College. Your advisor will be able to discuss the intellectual paths you’d like to explore at CC and point you to various opportunities to support your educational experience.

Who assigns my advisor? What are the criteria for assigning advisors?

Ideally, the College tries to match you with an advisor who shares one of your academic interests. We do our best to pair you with a faculty member who is either within one of your departments of interest or (for First Years) teaching your FYE seminar.

The Advising Questionnaire you will fill out as part of FYE registration provides us with crucial information for determining a good advisor match. We will work through the summer and NSO to determine an appropriate match based on your interests and the interests of the CC faculty. Faculty advisors will be announced no later than the end of Block 1 of the academic year. 

If you have any questions about advising or the matching process, please contact Associate Dean of the College Pedro de Araujo.