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FYE Courses 2016-17

FYE Registration opens on June 1st and runs through June 30th. Students will need to select and rank their choices for FYE courses and complete the pre-registration process through Banner.

First-years spend their first two blocks at CC immersed in a pair of fast-paced, writing-intensive courses typical of the Block Plan. In addition to sparking student interest in learning, FYE courses are aimed at refining skills like weighing evidence, managing contradictions, establishing connections, and expressing ideas orally and in writing.

2016-17 Fall Starts

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See the course grid for a detailed view of all-college requirements, time commitments, etc.

AN 205

Representations and Realities: Art and History in Europe: Ancient to Modern Art & Culture


Experiencing Asia through Music and Art

Language and Culture/Native Peoples of the Southwest


Principles of Chemistry I/Kitchen Chemistry


Chinese Language/Encountering the Past


Introduction to Comparative Literature


Introductory Topics in Economics and Business: Decision Making/Negotiations

Economic Theory

The Other Class: Representations of Teaching and Learning Across Communities

The Inventing American Mixtape: Literature and Cultures of the Americas

Introduction to the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity/Theories of Race and Ethnicity

It's Getting Hot in Here: The Politics and Science of Climate Change

Introduction to Feminist and Gender Studies/Topics in Brazilian Culture: Brazilian Carnaval: The "Heart" of Brazilian Culture

Haiti's Past and Present through Literature

Introduction to African Cinema: Subsaharan African Cultures through Film/The Cinema of Francophone North Africa

Green Germany

Freedom and Authority

Introduction to Classical Literature and Archeology/Freedom and Authority

Western Civilization: Critical Perspectives/Freedom and Authority

Physical Geology/Environmental Geology

Crisis in the Salton Sea - Natural History Perspectives

Civilization in the West: Writing Revolutions - Books, Knowledge, and Power from Ancient Manuscripts to E-publication

Word, Sound, and Drama in Italy

Japanese Language and Culture

The World of Numbers

Viruses: The Biology and Mathematical Modeling of Epidemics

Scientific Revolutions

Great Ideas in Politics and Music

Concepts of Freedom from Ancient to Modern Times

Environmental Politics and Policy

The Search for Islamic Order

Introduction to Psychology

Topics in Religion: Lost Christianities

Russia: Language, Literature, and Film

Thinking Sociologically/Law and Society

The American Southwest

Ritual, Theatre, and Performance

2016-17 Winter Starts

See the course grid for a detailed view of all-college requirements, time commitments, etc.

Frameworks of U.S. Education with a Focus on Environmental Chemistry

Tradition and Change in Literature: Comedy: History and Theory

Fundamental Debates on the Common Good

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FYE Advising

Students need to register for their FYE Seminars by June 30, 2016 (September 1 for Winter Starts). If you have questions about seminar options or the points system, ask: