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FYE Courses 2014-2015

First-years spend their first two blocks at CC immersed in a pair of fast-paced, writing-intensive courses typical of the Block Plan. In addition to sparking student interest in learning, FYE courses are aimed at refining skills like weighing evidence, managing contradictions, establishing connections, and expressing ideas orally and on paper.

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Please note that your rankings and point assignments are due by the deadline of June 30th.

2014-2015 Fall Start

Please click here for a PDF of the course descriptions.

Anthropology - AN102/AN243:

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology and Material Culture/Hispanic Folklore of the Southwest

Art History - AH114:


Art East and West

Biology - BY100/BY131:

Introduction to Human Genetics/Cell Biology

Chemistry - CH107/CH100:

General Chemistry I/Kitchen Chemistry

Chinese/Asian Studies - CN101(PA101)/CN250(PA250):

Elementary Chinese (I)/Chinese Language and Culture

Comparative Literature - CO100:

Introduction to Comparative Literature: Literary Metamorphoses

English/Comparative Literature - EN203/CO200:

Tradition and Change in Literature: The History and Theory of Comedy

English - EN203:

Tradition and Change in Literature: All in the Family

English/Theater - EN225/EN280/TH223:

Introduction to Shakespeare and Modern Drama

English/Race and Ethnic Studies - EN280/ES280:

Encountering India: Where the twain shall meet? Topics in Literature/Topics in Race and Ethnic Studies


English/Education - EN280/ED250:

Tales out of School/The Aims of Education: Theories and Representations of Education and Schooling

Feminist and Gender Studies - FG110/FG206:

Introduction to Feminist and Gender Studies/Women and the Body

Film and New Media Studies - FS215/FS212:

Introduction to Film Studies and Filmmaking

General Studies - GS101:

Freedom and Authority

General Studies - GS101:

Freedom and Authority: “Freedom from what? Freedom for what?  On whose authority?" Tracing the arc of the discussion from Plato to Martin Luther King, Jr."

General Studies/Classics - GS101/CL115:

An Introduction to Classical Literature and Archaeology: Classical Freedom and Authority

General Studies - GS234:

Introduction to African Cinema and Literatures in Translation

German - GR121/GR101:

German Fairy Tales: Language, Literature, and Culture

Geology - GY140/GY150:

Introduction to Physical Geology/Environmental Geology

Humanities - HS120:

Renaissance Culture

History - HY105(FE105):

Civilization in the West: Beasts, Books, and Human Beings

History/Asian Studies - HY109/PA111:

Civilization in East Asia: Hero! Outlaws, Order and Honor in East Asian Society and Culture 

Japanese - JA130(PA130)/JA250(PA250):

Interpreting Asian Cultures

Math - MA151:

The World of Numbers: From Euclid to the Information Age

Music - MU182:

Emotion and Meaning in Music

Philosophy - PH201:

History of Modern Philosophy

Physics - PC123/PC124:

Scientific Revolutions

Political Science - PS150:

Fundamental Debates on the Common Good

Political Science/Music - P101/MU227:

Great Ideas in Politics and Music

Political Science/History - PS203/HY200:

The Search for Islamic Order: Yesterday and Today
Psychology - PY101:

Introduction to Psychology: Enduring Ideas and Present Principles
Sociology - SO100/SO235(FG235):

Thinking Sociologically/Sociology of Family

Southwest Studies - SW175:

The Southwest: An Introduction

Theater/Dance - TH100/DA100:


Ritual, Theatre, Performance


Winter Start

Approximately 45 students are expected to enter the freshman class in early 2013. These students are free during the fall for work, travel, or off-campus study, and begin their studies in January. Although it will not be required, winter start students will be encouraged to stay for the college’s impressive Summer Session so that they can start the following fall with sophomore standing.

Read more about the program from our admissions office.

2014-2015 Winter Start Courses 

Please click here for a PDF of the course descriptions.

Biology/Psychology - BY100/PY178:
Science and Ethics of Biotechnology

Environmental Science - EV128/EV260:

Introduction to Climate Change/ Sustainability Through Land Use Policy 


History - HY105:

Civilization of the West

Political Science - PS150:

Fundamental Debates on the Common Good