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FYE Course Selection Guidelines

Course Selection Process

Begin by reading the information in each course description carefully. Click the link here to sign on to our virtual private network (SSLVPN). Sign into your Banner account to fill in your top eight choices for your First-Year Experience Course. (For full instructions, see the FYE Course Registration page)

Please note the names of the professors teaching the FYE courses. You are welcome to e-mail them with questions about their courses. You can locate professors’ email addresses using the online directory tool.

Have questions about individual FYE courses? Need some advice or assistance with registering online?
Please contact Jessie Dubreuil (Director, First Year Experience Program) or Re Meyer Evitt (Associate Dean of the College) during regular working hours if you have questions about FYE courses.

Suggestions for assigning FYE Points

Things to consider when you distribute you points:

  • You have 20 points to bid on your eight choices. Use whole numbers to bid on individual courses.
  • If you feel equally inclined toward your top eight choices, you might distribute your points evenly across courses. On the other hand, if you greatly prefer one course to the others, you should place extra points on that course but should still select a total of eight courses. 
  • We recommend that you do not place all of your points on one course. If you are a risk-taker and place all your points on one course and do not get in, the computer will place you behind all other students who place one or more points on your next course. (If there are more than sixteen such students, you will not get into that course; the computer will look at the next course on your list and repeat the process.) By placing all your points on one course, you could end up in a course that is low on your list or maybe not even one of the eight you have identified as preferred courses. 
  • Please do not list only one or two courses as we have no way of knowing what your other choices might be if there are no spaces available in the one or two courses you listed. If we do not know what your next choice is, we’ll have to place you in a course based on space available only (as opposed to preference). Please make the course choice order reflect your point distribution.

Here’s how the placement algorithm works for course selection:

  • FYE courses are capped at 16 students for a single-instructor course (one instructor each block) and at 25 students for a team-taught course (two instructors each block).
  • If more students sign up for a course than the course will hold, those who have placed the greatest number of points on that course will be admitted first. 
  • If more than 16 students place an equal number of points on a single-instructor course (more than 25 on a team-taught course), the system's algorithm will use choice order as the tie breaker to place you.