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We’re excited to offer you a vibrant, intellectually challenging selection of First Year Experience (FYE) courses. You may find that you’re excited about a variety of courses. Use the course grid to help you review what each course offers or requires and consider your options.

Remember that you will need to rank eight choices and distribute your 100 course selection points to prioritize among those eight choices. You must place a minimum of 1 point and a maximum of 20 points on every course selection you rank.  

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Fall Starts

Course #sCourse TitleProfessorAll-College Reqs.Suggested PreReq.Units toward MajorTime Out of Class & Field Trips
AH150 / HY 150 Topics in History, Topics in Art History: Representations and Realities:  Art and History in Europe: Ancient to Modern Art & Culture Tip Ragan / Gale Murray WIT None History and Art

Occasional afternoon activities. Tentative: one-day trip to Denver Art Museum.

AH158 / MU158 / PA158 Experiencing Asia through Music and Art  Tamara Bentley / Victoria Levine G or S None Art History, Music, Asian Studies

Occasional afternoon workshops and possibly 1-2 evening concerts. Tentative: one-day trip to Denver Art Museum.

RM200 / SW258; AN208;RM200
Language and Culture / Native Peoples of the Southwest Christina Leza G or S (1 unit, Block 1) None Anthro, SW Studies, REMS

BE100 Crisis in the Salton Sea – Natural History Perspectives (Block 1)/Ecology and Human Impacts (Block 2) Emilie Gray L (1 unit, block 1) Calc, high school Biology

1-2 overnights and 1-2 full day field trips during block 1, AND a 2-week field trip in block 2

CH107 / CH100 Principles of Chemistry I/ Kitchen Chemistry Peggy Daugherty / Habiba Vaghoo
L or Q (1 unit) 2 yrs HS Alg, 1 yr HS Chemistry CH, BioCH, Neuro, MBI, OBI, Ecology, EV w/ chem, Geology

Afternoon classes, labs, and quizzes both blocks.

CN101 / HY110 Chinese Language/ Encountering the Past: Heroes and Heroines in Chinese History and Culture Hong Jiang / John Williams Lang, G, or S None Hist (block 2)
CO100 Introduction to Comparative Literature Corinne Scheiner WIT None CO (2)
EC110 Introductory Topics in Economics and Business: Decision Making/Introductory Topics in Economics and Business: Negotiations Christina Rader None None None Block 1: one-day field trip to Denver.
Block 2: community based learning once a week in the afternoon. 
EC201 / EC255 Economic Theory 1/ Intermediate Topics in Microeconomics Mark Smith None Calc 1 Economics, Business
ED250 The Other Class: Representations of Teaching and Learning Across Communities Manya Whitaker None Education Some afternoons
Field Trip (local)
EV128 / PS203 It’s getting hot in here: The politics and science of climate change Elizabeth Coggins / Becca Barnes I and Q (Block 1) None Political science, Integrated environmental science, and Environmental policy Occasional afternoon field trips, workshops, or labs. Several daytime field trips and 1-2 overnight trips.
EV274 / PS274 Environmental Politics and Policy Corina McKendry None None Environmental Policy, Environmental Sci No afternoon commitments. No field trips.
FG110 / PG216;FG206; RM200 Introduction to Feminist & Gender Studies/Topics in Brazilian Culture: Brazilian Carnaval: The “Heart” of Brazilian Culture Heidi Lewis / Naomi Wood S (block 1) or G None Feminist & Gend studies; Luso Brazilian studies and/or Latin American studies minor Afternoon film screenings, workshops, and/or daytime field trips. 
FR160 Haiti's Past and Present through Literature Alistaire Tallent S or G None REMS, Comp Lit
GR121 German Cultural History II: Green Germany Ane Steckenbiller Lang (1 unit) None German Occasional field trips.
GS101 Freedom and Authority Owen Cramer / Richard Fernando Buxton WIT Field trip in Block 2 to the site of the 1914 Ludlow Massacre.
GS101 / GS101; CL115 Introduction to Classical Literature and Archaeology: Classical Freedom and Authority Richard Fernando Buxton / Sanjaya Thakur WIT None Classics, Classics-English, Classics-History-Poli Sci

Potential trip to Getty Museum, Malibu, CA. Weekly evening film screenings.

GS101 / GS101; AN208 Western Civilization: Critical Perspectives/Freedom and Authority Yogesh Chandrani WIT None Anthro (block 2) Tentative: 1-day trip to Pueblo, CO in block 2.
GS234 Introduction to West African Cinema: Subsaharan African Cultures through Film/The Cinema of Francophone North Africa Ibrahima Wade / Michael O'Riley G (Block 1) None None

GY140 / GY150 Physical Geology/Environmental Geology Jeff Noblett L (1 unit), I (1 unit) None GY (1), EV-Integrated Sci

Extensive field and lab requirements (roughly daily). Overnight trip unlikely.


Civilization in the West: Writing Revolutions--Books, Knowledge, and Power from Ancient Manuscripts to E-publication

Carol Neel WIT None History, History-Poli Sci,History Philosophy, Classics -History Politics

Afternoon commitments approx. twice a week. No field trips or overnight travel.

MU227 / IT320

Topics in Music, Topics in Italian Culture: Word, Sound, and Drama in Italian Culture from the Middle Ages to Today

Amanda Minervini / Ofer Ben-Amots WIT None

Italian or Romance studies; Music

Possibly some afternoon/evening activities in the form of a concert, opera, or field trip. Some overnight travel.
JA130;PA130 / JA101;PA102

Japanese Language and Culture

Joan Ericson G or S (Block 1), Lang (Block 2) None

Asian Studies

3 afternoon sessions per week; 1 field trip to Denver each block
MA130 / MB130

Viruses: The Biology and Mathematical Modeling of Epidemics

Ralph Bertrand / David Brown Q and I 4-5 on AP Calc exam

The World of Numbers

Stefan Erickson / Michael Penn WIT or Q

PC123 / PC124

Scientific Revolutions

Richard Hilt / Stephanie DiCenzo WIT, I, Q High school math None

Block 1: projects to be done when student chooses.

PS101 / MU227

Great Ideas in Politics and Music 

Dr. Thomas E. Cronin / Dr. Tania Z. Cronin WIT PS (1)

Afternoon sessions. Tentative overnight trip to Baca campus in week 2 or 3 of Block 1.

PS115 / EN115

Concepts of Freedom from Ancient to Modern Times

Timothy Fuller / John Simons WIT None PS and CHP (1)

No afternoon commitments. One day trip (approx 8am-3:30pm).

PS203 / HY200

The Search for Islamic Order

Bob Lee G Field Trip (local)

Introduction to Psychology: Enduring Ideas and Present Principles

Tomi-Ann Roberts / Kevin Holmes L (1 unit) None PY (1) Afternoon labs, movies, creative projects. No anticipated field trips.

Topics in Religion: Lost Christianities

Pamela Reaves / Devaka Premawardhana WIT None Religion 1-2, one-day trips possible. No overnights.
RM185 / RM212

Introduction to the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity/Theories of Race and Ethnicity

Jamal Ratchford / Michael Sawyer G or S (block 1); S (block 2)
RS200 / RU101

Topics in Russian and Eurasian Studies: Russia: Language, Literature, and Film

Natalia Khan / Alexei Pavlenko Lang (1) and G (1)

Afternoon sessions. Overnight field trip.
SO100 / SO240

Thinking Sociologically/Law and Society

Gail Murphy-Geiss S None SO (2) Afternoon sessions. Local field trip.

The American Southwest

Eric Perramond / Karen Roybal WIT, G, or S None Southwest studies Some afternoon commitments, field trips, and overnight travel.
TH100 / DA100

Ritual, Theatre and Performance

Tom Lindblade / Ryan Platt WIT Workshops. Local field trip.

Winter Starts

Course #sCourse TitleProfessorAll-College Reqs.Suggested PreReq.Units toward MajorTime Commitments
EV120 / ED211 Introduction to Environmental Chemistry/Frameworks of U.S. Education with a Focus on Environmental Chemistry Howard Drossman / Tina Valtierra HS chem class recommended Block 2: Educ (1 unit) Block 1: afternoon labs. Block 2: occasional afternoon field trips
EN203 Tradition and Change in Literature: Comedy: History and Theory Lisa Hughes / George Butte
PS150 Fundamental Debates on the Common Good John Grace / Eve Grace WIT None One block towards Poli Sci Occasional afternoon classes.