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German Fairy Tales: Language, Literature, and Culture


Block 1: Wesley Lim (German Cultural History)

Block 2: Wesley Lim (Elementary German)

This course fulfills one unit of the Language requirement.

Fairy tales have long fueled the imagination of both children and adults. Over the centuries many have undergone radical transformations in form and meaning. In this course we will study the forces underlying these changes, the reasons for certain stories’ enduring popularity, and the controversies relating to the function and value of fairy tales.

This class also aims equally at German language learning by focusing on speaking, listening, reading and writing. (Student will have the equivalent of GR 101 at the end blocks 1 & 2. They may continue to take GR 102 in Block 4 which will then fulfill the college’s language requirement.) While students begin the first class day class learning German language, the next day they will read a fairy tale in English (eventually the original German text will become incorporated) along with secondary literature. The course will then alternate between one day of language instruction and one of literature/culture. We will use Treffpunkt Deutsch as the language textbook and the following Fairy Tale readers: The Classic Fairy Tales by Maria Tatar and The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm as translated by Jack Zipes.

 A set of linked one-block courses that must be taken together, with a single instructor; separate grades will be given for the language portion and the cultural portion of this class.


• This course is a gateway to the German major and minor.

• This course fulfills one unit of the language requirement.

• Both blocks, taken together fulfill the German major or minor. One unit for German language (101), and one unit for German culture (121)

• Students will write a screenplay and produce a film toward the end of Block 2.

• No prior language experience necessary