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FG110: Introduction to Feminist and Gender Studies

Block 1 introduces students to Feminist & Gender Studies (FGS), the multi-, inter-, and transdisciplinary academic study of feminism and gender from an intersectional perspective. Examines feminist and gender studies theories and critical practices manifested within and outside of the academy, which include interrogations of power, inequality, and privilege along the lines of sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, age, and other social, cultural, and political markers.

Block 2 examines the relationship of Brazilian carnaval to early twentieth century policies on racial whitening, the rise of samba as the "national" dance and music of Brazil, and the industrialization and import/exportation of bodies for both physical and symbolic labor. Specifically, students will gain an understanding for the ways that carnaval became a central point for racialized and gendered discourses travel through radio and film in the early twentieth century and television and social media in the early twenty-first century. Finally, students will gain both breadth in their introduction to FGS and depth in their focused study of one cultural form (carnaval) and, through designing and conducting individual research projects based on critical course discussions and readings, students will refine their academic writing and critical thinking skills.