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We’re excited to offer you a vibrant, intellectually challenging selection of First Year Experience (FYE) courses. You may find that you’re excited about a variety of courses. Use the course grid to gain a sense of the full list of offerings and then click the course numbers for the full course descriptions. As you review the courses, please remember that you will need to rank eight choices for Fall Starts and two choices for Winter Starts.

Please note that all FYE courses are two Blocks in length (Blocks 1-2 for Fall Starts; Blocks 5-6 for Winter Starts). 

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Fall Starts

 Course Number
(Click for full course description)
Course Title
FYE Mentor
FYE Librarian
Career Center Liaison
AH112 Introduction to Art History Victoria Ehrlich

Amelia Atencio

Steve Lawson

Andrea Culp
AN100 Human/Being Krista Fish & Mario Montano

Kendra Wuerth

Shelley Harper

Gretchen Wardell

Loving it to death:

Ecology & Human Impacts in the Rocky Mountain West

Emilie Gray Susanna Phillips Lesley Mackie Stacey Stevens
CL118 Myth, Gender, and Metamorphosis Marcia Dobson & Sanjaya Thakur

Victor Torres

Kayla Lenkner

Gretchen Wardell
CN101 Introduction to Chinese Language and Religion Fanny Zhang & David Gardiner

Cassidy Lam

Daryl Stevens

Megan Nicklaus


Introduction to Comparative Literature Lisa Hughes & Corinne Scheiner Emma Wilson Steve Lawson Andrea Culp


Topics in Economics and Business: Decision Making & Negotiation Christina Rader Chris Martin McKinley Sielaff Megan Nicklaus


The Other Class: Teaching and Learning Across Communities Manya Whitaker Amy Bolton & Eric Dallesasse Diane Westerfield Gretchen Wardell
EN203 Tradition and Change: Satire Jared Richman Lindsey Deringer Steve Lawson Andrea Culp


Slow Food in a Fast-Food Nation Tyler Cornelius & Dario Sponchiado Georgia Griffis Jeremy Nelson Stacey Stevens


Introduction to Feminist and Gender Studies Heidi Lewis & Naomi Wood Alejandra Hernandez Sarah Bogard Gretchen Wardell


Introduction to Film Scott Krzych & Dylan Nelson Corrina Leatherwood Steve Lawson Andrea Culp


Monsters, Robots, and Cyborgs: The Inhuman, Almost Human, and Post-human in German Literature and Film Christiane Steckenbiller & Chet Lisiecki Joy Li Diane Westerfield Stacey Stevens

GS101-1 (1111)

Consolations: Philosophy, Literature, and History Gresham Riley & Carol Neel Eviva Kahne Shelley Harper Stacey Stevens

GS101-2 (1211)

Freedom and Authority Richard Buxton & Tim Fuller Brittany Camacho Jeremy Nelson Megan Nicklaus

GS101-3 (1221)

The Western Political Tradition in Critical Perspective Yogesh Chandrani Sara Fleming Shelley Harper Megan Nicklaus
GS222 Creativity and Logic Ryan Banagale & Daniel Johnson

Emily Abbott

Jeremy Nelson

Stacey Stevens


Subsaharan African Cultures through Film Ibrahima Wade & Michael O'Riley Laurelle Kinga Bakienga Sarah Bogard Andrea Culp
GY140 Introduction to Physical Geology Jeff Noblett Sierra Melton Lesley Mackie Jane Byrnes
HY104 Culture, Society, and History: The Mediterranean Susan Ashley

Ethan Greenberg

Shelley Harper

Gretchen Wardell
HY200 Topics in History: The Search for Islamic Order Bob Lee

Raine Kennedy

Shelley Harper

Stacey Stevens


Viruses: Mathematical Modeling of Epidemics Ralph Bertrand & David Brown Selma Jukic Lesley Mackie Jane Byrnes


Microbiology and Cellular Biophysics Kristine Lang & Phoebe Lostroh Garrett Manion & Johannes Mansson Lesley Mackie Jane Byrnes
MU103 Emotion and Meaning in Music Michael Grace & Ofer Ben-Amots Emily Fitzgerald & Grace Hale Daryl Stevens Andrea Culp
PC123 Scientific Revolutions Shane Burns

Natalie Sarver

Lesley Mackie

Jane Byrnes
PH203 Nature in East Asian Traditions of Thought Marion Hourdequin & Joan Ericson

Ouli Sané

Steve Lawson

Stacey Stevens
PS203 Political Economy from Ancient to Modern Times Tim Fuller & John Gould

Timothy Olson

Kayla Lenkner & McKinley Sielaff

Megan Nicklaus


Fundamental Debates on the Common Good Eve Grace Nathan Davis Kayla Lenkner & McKinley Sielaff Gretchen Wardell


Power, Place, and Protest in the West Dwanna Robertson & Amy Kohout Judy Fisher Kayla Lenkner & Shelley Harper Megan Nicklaus


Russia: Language, Literature, and Film Natalia Khan & Alexei Pavlenko Sophie Aiken & Shane Brown Daryl Stevens Andrea Culp

Thinking Sociologically

Gail Murphy-Geiss Payton Hoops & Kazzy Medellin Diane Westerfield Gretchen Wardell


The Southwest: An Introduction Santiago Guerra Zannie Peck Jessy Randall Stacey Stevens


Ritual, Theatre and Performance Tom Lindblade & Ryan Platt Caroline Williams Steve Lawson Andrea Culp

Winter Starts

Course Number
(Click for full course description)
Course Title
FYE Mentor
FYE Librarian
Career Center Liaison


Topics in Education: Foundations of Inquiry Learning Mike Taber & Howard Drossman Chelo Barton Diane Westerfield Gretchen Wardell


In Extinction's Embrace: A Geological Standpoint on Climate Nonfiction Christine Siddoway Kayla Bronzo Lesley Mackie Stacey Stevens