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The First Year Experience

Who can stop global climate change? Why is society fraught with injustice? What is the self? And wait – I have how many hours of homework?!

We've been there before: caught in the drowning sensation that often comes with beginning college. That’s why we developed the First Year Experience (FYE), a program designed to help incoming students enjoy and adjust to in-depth critical thinking, analytic discussion, and the systems that make our institution unique. 

Active Learning

Embrace the challenge. Learn how to learn.
First years spend their first two blocks at CC immersed in a pair of fast-paced, writing-intensive courses typical of the Block Plan. FYE courses are aimed at refining skills like weighing evidence, managing contradictions, establishing connections, and expressing ideas orally and on paper.

Student Mentors

Don’t worry – we’ve got your back.
Each FYE course set is equipped with an experienced student mentor trained to supplement the insights of academic advisors and instructors. Hand-picked by FYE course instructors, FYE mentors offer practical, 'on-the-ground' advice about courses, student life, and the Colorado Springs area – everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

Relate to the World

Take your passions outside the classroom and share.
At its heart, the FYE program seeks to give new students the permission to be exhilarated, animated, and inspired by what they study. Conversation is at the axis of liberal arts learning, so FYE courses promote interchange inside and outside of the classroom. Study Chinese now in the FYE, and explore it further in China in your upper-level classes, or take the History of Performance as an FYE, then later take that subject to London and study at the very heart of theatre.