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    Director of Recreation & Fitness Center


    Assistant Director - Fitness Center

    North Desk
    South Desk


    Multipurpose Room Weight Room Court

    Age Limit

    Children under the age of 16 may not use the fitness center unless a special event is going on that allows for them to be there.

    Workout Attire

    Workout attire should be worn when using the facility. Attire that exposes the lower or mid-back, abdominal area, ribcage, or buttocks is not considered appropriate. Clothing may not display any offensive language and/or symbols. Athletic shoes are preferred when using the equipment or utilizing the rec gym. Neither open-toed shoes nor sandals are permitted to be worn while working out. This policy is in place to create an inclusive and comfortable exercise experience for all patrons, increase the safety of all those using the fitness center, and protect against the spread of viruses, bacteria, and infection.


    Neither drugs and/or alcohol is permitted in the fitness center. Patrons who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs while using the fitness center may have their facility access privileges suspended or revoked.

    Day Use Lockers

    There are 1/3-sized lockers near the main entrance and 1/2-sized lockers in all fitness center locker rooms that are available for day-use and are free of charge. The locks must be provided by the user and overnight storage is not permitted. Any lock that is left overnight will be cut off and the locker contents will be removed. Alumni who purchase a membership will be offered a full-sized locker to use as long as they are current on their membership dues. Finally, full-sized lockers are available to rent on a monthly, semester, or yearly basis to all employees and their dependents. Please contact the Assistant Director, Fitness Center for details.

    Dependents of CC employees are welcome to use the fitness center. Eligible dependents include the followings: legal spouse, domestic partner, and/or children. Dependents must obtain a valid Gold Card from the Worner Campus desk to gain access to the facility.
    Personal Belongings

    All personal belongings to include bags, backpacks, jacktets, etc. must be secured in a locker and are not allowed in the exercise areas. Colorado College is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


    Animals are not allowed in the building unless they are assisting patrons with disabilities.


    Skateboards, bicycles, and/or scooters are to be stored in their designated areas near the reception desks and are not be used or carried through the facility. U-locks are available at the north reception desk for check out to secure bicycles to the racks outside the fitness center. Hoverboards are not permitted to be brought into the facility.

    Equipment Rental

    Limited athletic equipment is available at the north reception desk for check out, free of charge. A Gold Card or another photo I.D. card will be held in exchange until the equipment is returned.

    Food and Beverages

    Neither food nor beverages are not permitted in the fitness center. Only water in non-breakable containers is allowed in the facility.

    Emergency exits/unauthorized usage

    Emergency exits are to be used for emergencies only. Anyone who arranges for the unauthorized access to the fitness center may have their facility access privileges suspended or revoked. Examples of unauthorized access include but are not limited to: opening exit or other secure doors, providing false identification/information to gain access to the facility, or giving your Gold Card to someone else to use in your absence.

    Use of Facility

    Use of the fitness center is a privilege granted to members of the Colorado College community. It is expected that all patrons treat the facility, equipment, staff, and other patrons in a respectful manner at all times. Abusive or inappropriate behavior and/or language will not be tolerated and may be grounds for the suspension or revocation of facility access privileges.

    Cardio Floor Etiquette

    When using the cardio equipment, patrons must be dressed in workout attire, water must be kept in non-breakable containers, and personal belongings must be secured in a locker at all times. Use of the cardio machines is limited to 30 minutes when others are waiting. Patrons are expected to wipe down the equipment after each use with the paper towels and disinfectant spray that is located throughout the facility.

    Strength Floor Etiquette

    When using the strength equipment, patrons must be dressed in workout attire, water must be kept in non-breakable containers, and personal belongings must be secured in a locker at all times. Dumbbells, fixed barbells, and metal plates should not be dropped at any time and must be re-racked after use. Only the bumper plates are permitted to be dropped on the platforms. If chalk is used, it is the responsibility of the patron to clean up after themselves. Strength or fitness equipment may not be removed from the facility.

    Squash/Racquetball/Tennis Court Usage

    Use of the squash, racquetball, and/or tennis courts is on a first-come, first-served basis. Patrons must provide their own equipment and observe the same hours as the fitness center.

    After Hours Use

    Use of the fitness center after hours is not permitted without the written consent from a professional staff member of the facility.


    Campus Recreation programs, services and staff support intelligent and safe exercise through quality instruction, appropriate duration, intensity and frequency of exercise, and variety in methods and equipment. Compulsive exercise occurs when an individual engages in physical activity at such a frequency and duration that it becomes unsafe and unhealthy. Those who overexercise face increased physical and psychological risks. The staff in the fitness center enter will work within the department and with other campus departments as necessary, to provide support for overexercisers so that they may continue participating at the facility safely. Action will be taken on a case-by-case basis, to include calling on medical professional when appropriate.

    Personal Trainers

    The use of contracted personal trainers is not allowed in the facility. 

    Diversity & Inclusion Commitment Statement

    Colorado College is committed to diversity and inclusion and is intentional about creating a learning and working environment that recognizes the value of individual and group differences. As an institution, we welcome all persons. Colorado College does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, color, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or national origin.

    • Bigotry or disparagement of others has no place within Campus Recreation facilities, programs, or services.
    • Verbal or written abuse, threats, intimidation, violence, or other forms of harassment toward patrons or staff will not be tolerated.
    • All patrons and staff are expected to respect the rights of others, to be civil, and to contribute to an inclusive community.
    • CC Recreation supports and values an individual's right to access and utilize recreation facilities, restrooms, locker rooms, programs, and services in accordance with an individual's gender identity.
    • All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to participate in Colorado College's recreation services, the intramural sports program, and the club sports program in a manner consistent with their gender identity. While many sport programs are offered in gender-based divisions, CC seeks to provide opportunities for all individuals to participate in its recreation activities inclusive of gender identity.