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First Mondays Event Series

The First Mondays Event series is a campus-wide forum that aims to engage all members of the CC community, including students, staff, administrators and faculty. The series creates opportunities for the whole community to gather, encouraging everyone to be part of the intellectual life of the college, and facilitating discourse among students, faculty, and staff, across courses, disciplines, and divisions. An all-campus reception follows each event.

See the event streamed live (if it's currently happening) or see videos of past events.

Next up on First Mondays...

The entire Colorado College community is invited to attend Opening Convocation 2015 in Shove Memorial Chapel on Monday, August 24 at 9 a.m. Opening Convocation marks the beginning of Colorado College’s 142st academic year and serves as the First Mondays program in Block 1. Join in welcoming new students, the Class of 2019, and celebrate the start of the new academic year. Three alumni will be recognized with honorary degrees: Inger Thomsen Brodey ‘87, Eric Duran ’91, and Doug Pray ‘83. Pray, a filmmaker and documentarian, will deliver the keynote address.

Monday, Aug. 24

9 a.m. Shove Memorial Chapel

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Artwork by Felix Sanchez ′93, Creative Director, Communications

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