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First Mondays Event Series

The First Mondays Event series is a campus-wide forum that aims to engage all members of the CC community, including students, staff, administrators and faculty. The series creates opportunities for the whole community to gather, encouraging everyone to be part of the intellectual life of the college, and facilitating discourse among students, faculty, and staff, across courses, disciplines, and divisions. An all-campus reception follows each event.

See the event streamed live (if it's currently happening) or see videos of past events.

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CANCELED for Monday, Nov. 16

Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Chthulucene: the Lively Arts of Staying with the Trouble
Donna Haraway ’66, Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the History of Consciousness Program, UC Santa Cruz
Sponsors: The President’s Office and the Department of Philosophy

Who lives and who dies and how inside our urgent times?  What webs of times, places, and beings are at stake, and how might living well with each other still be possible?  This lecture explores three names for the current age of the earth, when excess death abounds across species, and refugees without refuge, also across species, seek viable homes. Sym-poiesis—making-with, becoming-with—is the core process that shapes all living beings. Rooted in ecological, evolutionary, developmental biology (EcoEvoDevo) and in potent art science activisms, the lecture argues for staying with the trouble and for recrafting possibilities for flourishing in the teeth of ecological and social urgencies. The lecture asks how to nurture durable, multigenerational, non-biogenetic kin-making, while humans everywhere transition to vastly less reproduction and vastly richer practices of care across kinds. The lecture ends with sf—a string figure, speculative fabulation, science fiction, speculative feminist story about new sorts of sympoiesis  in Communities of Compost.

Monday, Nov. 16 - CANCELED

11:15 a.m. Armstrong Theatre

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Artwork by Felix Sanchez ′93, Creative Director, Communications

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