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Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (COP) are small groups of interdisciplinary faculty who convene to learn and practice new instructional methods.

FALL 2021

The goal of Communities of Practice is for faculty to become comfortable and adept at employing inclusive pedagogies. Sign up here.

This fall we are offering two COPs:


Unpacking and Improving Student Motivation

Second Fridays, 2 pm

Dr. Steve Getty (Director, Quantitative Reasoning Center) will introduce a theoretically-grounded motivation formula (i.e., framework) that he and colleagues have used with educators around the country. You will learn how to assess student motivation, and practice evidence-based strategies to promote each source of motivation.

Universal Design for Learning

Second Wednesdays, 2pm

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a set of principles that guide the creation of inclusive learning environments and accessible course materials. In this community of practice, we will explore the many ways that you can incorporate UDL into your courses to reduce barriers for students with disabilities while enhancing learning opportunities for all students. Each block, you will be encouraged to try out a UDL strategy or two. We’ll then come back together to talk about what worked (and maybe didn’t)—and how best to move forward with UDL to support our diverse student body.

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