Teacher Development Program

The faculty at Colorado College are committed to innovative pedagogy in service of a liberal arts education. Toward that end, the Teacher Development Program is a multi-year initiative to build our collective capacity to support one another’s pedagogical development.
In years one and two we will recruit and develop Instructional Coaches and Master Teachers, respectively. Instructional Coaches will provide intensive one-on-one teaching mentorship to faculty who want to improve one or more of their instructional practices. Master Teachers will support Instructional Coaches, be available to conduct formal teaching observations for tenure and review processes, and facilitate teaching-focused trainings and workshops. The goal of the TDP is to have at least 1/3 of the faculty be Instructional Coaches or Master Teachers within five years.


Consider using the following rubrics to guide teaching observations.

Inclusive Pedagogical Observation Protocol (IPOP), Stage 1 (used in Crown’s Instructional Coaching program)
Inclusive Pedagogical Observation Protocol (IPOP), Stage 2 (used in Crown’s Instructional Coaching program)
Teaching Dimensions Observation Protocol (general)
Student-Centered Classroom Observation Protocol (visual and performing arts)
Classroom Observation Protocol for Undergraduate STEM (COPUS)
Science Classroom Observation Protocol
Mathematics Classroom Observation Protocol for Practices (MCOP2)
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