Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (COP) are small groups of interdisciplinary faculty who convene to learn and practice new instructional methods.


The goal of Communities of Practice is for faculty to become comfortable and adept at employing inclusive pedagogies. Sign up here.

This spring we are offering one Community of Practice.


Assigning Writing on the Block

First Thursdays, 2 p.m.
We all know that writing assignments can help students meet learning goals for a course; the question is, where is the time for drafting, feedback, and revision when there's so much else to cover in a block? In this CoP led by Writing Center Interim Director Chris Schacht, we will share writing assignment and assessment models, both new and old, and discuss what has worked in the past and what hasn't. Each block, participants will be encouraged to try a new model and report back to the community, effectively crowdsourcing writing assignments that may be tried-and-true, innovative, or in-between. 
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