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Faculty Mellon Initiatives

Mellon-Funded Faculty Development Initiatives

 Enhancing Scholarship and Teaching in a Liberal Arts Setting


Dear CC Faculty:                                                                                             


I am writing with details about the Faculty Mellon Initiatives to enhance scholarship and teaching at CC. We have piloted a number of programs to assist faculty at various stages of their careers to promote productive scholarship and effective teaching. Our goal is to create settings in which faculty can present their work, interact with and receive feedback from others, and experiment with scholarly and teaching ideas that are too easily back-burnered. We aim to facilitate not only progress toward the completion of projects, but also spaces for discovering how best to do so given the distinctive attributes of our Block Plan. Some things worked last year and others didn’t!

This information and updates are posted on the website



 The application process for the 2013-14 year is now open.

 Last semester there were approximately 35 faculty members participating in ten accountability and/or writing and research exchange groups. 

 Proposals can be for a group of 3-5 faculty members or as an individual asking to be assigned to a group.  The group will decide how and when they want to meet. Each group will be given a funds for meals, snacks, etc. for meetings.

 Groups might be formed for the following purposes:

  • Accountability Groups: Most groups would report very briefly to each other via e-mail, perhaps weekly, and then decide if and how often they want to meet in person: weekly, once a block, twice each semester to set goals. Funds would pay for lunches or meeting refreshments.
  • Writing and Research Exchange Groups: Those with with similar interests or research goals would have meetings at which group members read each other’s work and exchange feedback. (Examples: people writing grant proposals or book proposals, or people who are turning conference papers into articles, or with interests in similar disciplines.) Funds would pay for lunches or meeting refreshments, copying papers, etc.

Application Process:

The Crown Website has a place to apply on line,  or you can e-mail Anne Hyde  Please describe the group (recommended group size 3-5 members), the rationale for the group’s composition including the nature of the projects that will be undertaken, the group’s primary goals and objectives, a timetable indicating frequency and dates of meetings and their purpose, and the group’s expected accomplishments by the end of the academic year or summer.

  •  Each group is expected to submit a written report about progress made on projects and the impact of collaboration.
  • Faculty who participate in these collaborative groups, and then present at professional meetings, or who submit articles to appropriate journals in 2013-14 will receive a $200 stipend.



At the suggestion of a faculty working group, the Crown Center staffs and provides coffee, light breakfast, and quiet time in the Cossitt Commons or Learning Commons Living Room for the first two mornings of each block. Breakfast, coffee, chatting, goal setting from 8:30 to 9, then heads down and quiet work on scholarly projects in our own café-like setting from 9-12. Bring whatever you need to get some work done in that setting: a laptop, a book, articles you’re reading, a pile of data to crunch.  No reservations needed. The dates and location for the rest of the year:

Every Monday morning in the TLC living room starting June 1- August 3.  We will offer a light breakfast starting at 8:30 and will start working at 9:00.


 3) EXCELLENCE IN SCHOLARSHIP: Manuscript Workshops

The manuscript workshops from last year’s proposals have been a great success. Four faculty, Ryan Bañagale, Andrea Righi, Sarah Hautzinger, and Jane Hillberry brought experts to CC for intensive work on their book projects. We now invite faculty members to apply for summer and fall 2014 who have a book project, major dissertation revision in the form of a nearly completed manuscript and who can use these workshop funds to make significant progress on their project and/or complete the manuscript. Recipients may use the support (from $5,000-$7,000) in two ways:

  • CC Scholars may fly in three experts in their fields (one of whom may be a publisher) and spend two days working on the manuscript at CC
  • CC Scholars may travel to spend two to three days meeting with an expert(s) off campus whose suggestions, critique or skills will likely facilitate the progress or completion of the manuscript.

 Application process:

  • Any faculty member with a scholarly or creative manuscript appropriate to their field may apply, and can work with Anne Hyde, Director of the Crown Center, to write a proposal and consider the timing of the seminar or meeting.
  • The Dean and Crown Center Advisory Board will vet proposals as they and accept 3-4 seminars per year. 2014 Deadline is May 1, 2014, but you can apply sooner.
  • Proposals must include: a brief description of the project, a justification for the seminar and its timing, a list of attendees and their qualifications, and an itemized budget explaining how funds will be used for travel, lodging, per diem, research materials, and assistance.
  • Although the selection committee will consider projects at varying stages of development, it will prioritize projects that are further along than those in an exploratory phase.
  • Within the calendar year following the seminar/meeting, each recipient must submit updated versions of their manuscript or a detailed report about progress and progress and publication plans.


4) CROWN Block Break Workshops:

TBA for the 2015-16 Academic Year


More information to follow in the coming months