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Faculty Mellon Initiatives

Mellon-Funded Faculty Development Initiatives

 Enhancing Scholarship and Teaching in a Liberal Arts Setting


Dear CC Faculty:  

The Mellon Foundation has generously funded a number of initiatives to enhance scholarship and teaching in CC's liberal arts setting over the past few years. This year, our focus is on collaborative research with students in the Humanities and humanistic Social Sciences.  Watch this space for information about a Mellon workshop on this topic in 2015-2016.

Rebecca Tucker

Director, Crown Faculty Center

Past Mellon-funded initiatives:

These projects enhanced scholarship and teaching at CC. We piloted a number of programs to assist faculty at various stages of their careers to promote productive scholarship and effective teaching. Our goal has been to create settings in which faculty can present their work, interact with and receive feedback from others, and experiment with scholarly and teaching ideas that are too easily back-burnered. We aim to facilitate not only progress toward the completion of projects, but also spaces for discovering how best to do so given the distinctive attributes of our Block Plan. The following projects are ongoing: 

SWARMs: dedicated time each block for faculty research. Any faculty member looking for some quiet research time, a scholarly community, and the chance to get some focused work done is welcome to the blockly SWARMs, held in Tutt Learning Commons on the first two days of each block, 8:30-noon. Drop in- no RSVP required. 

SWAGs: Scholarly Writing Accountability Groups.    Last semester there were approximately 35 faculty members participating in ten accountability and writing and research exchange groups. If you have a group ready or want to join one, contact Rebecca Tucker at

Excellence in Scholarship Manuscript Workshops. Workshops are aimed at faculty members who have a book project, major dissertation revision in the form of a nearly completed manuscript and who can use these workshop funds to make significant progress on their project and/or complete the manuscript. Applications for the 2015-16 Manuscript Workshops will be available in September.

Block Break Workshops on Teaching and Scholarship. Past workshops have addressed a wide variety of topics intended to assist faculty in improving teaching and bringing scholarly projects to fruition.