Resources for Distance & Digital Teaching

Gathered on this page are a variety of tools, tips, and resources to aid faculty and staff teaching at CC as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.


You may self-enroll with this link: Designing for Remote Instruction.

This course will take you through an efficient but effective way to transition your course to an online format. It will also guide you to support structures for both you and your students.

Our wonderful colleagues have shared their experiences teaching with several tools, techniques, and strategies, all of which can be found in the Canvas course:

  • Teaching with Flipgrid -- Hiromi Onishi & Joan Ericson 
  • Teaching with VoiceThread -- Danielle Sanchez 
  • Teaching with Slack – Amy Kohout 
  • Teaching with GoBoard – Karen Chui 
  • A Day in the Block Plan: Strategies for Student Engagement – Re Evitt & Adam Light
  • Teaching with Storymaps – Matt Cooney & Scott Ingram
  • Active and Experiential Ed Online – Drew Cavin
  • Crown Faculty Third Thursdays Series
  • Embodied Online Teaching Series

Please let Jane Murphy or Jennifer Golightly know if you have any difficulties or suggestions for this Canvas course.

For a description of some of these tools (including Flipgid, Voicethread, Slack, and GoBoard), see this resource: Software and platforms available for CC online and hybrid courses (pdf)


Resources are available through the Crown Faculty Center for the application of digital methods to teaching and research broadly: guidance to faculty who are teaching remotely or who are seeking to enhance their on-campus course with the use of digital tools, including Canvas, and the application of digital pedagogy and research methods to teaching, learning, and research. 

Resources to share with your students

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