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Crown 2nd Tuesday Faculty Luncheon Series

Join us the second Tuesday of each block to discuss topics pertinent to faculty over lunch. Lunch will be served by noon, with programming beginning at 12:15 p.m. We understand that many of us will be coming from class and some may need to leave closer to 1 p.m. Please come for whatever part you can.

Block 1: Tuesday, September 5
General Education Revision: Critical Approaches to Inquiry  Dr. Aaron Stoller, Director, First Year Experience Program

Block 2: Tuesday, October 3
Teaching and Learning with Objects – Jessica Hunter Larsen, Director of Academic Engagement, Fine Arts Center at Colorado College

Block 3: Tuesday, October 31 (in conjunction with Diverse Learners Week)
Practices Towards Accessible and Inclusive Classrooms
In Small Teaching, James M. Lang makes the case for deliberate, structured, and incremental changes to our teaching practices. What “small” practices might we as faculty consider in order to make our classrooms more accessible and inclusive? Colleagues from Accessibility Services, The Butler Center, and the ESL Program will offer 1 or 2 classroom practices from their vantages that we might adopt to support students.

Block 4: Tuesday, December 5
Cheating Lessons: Learning from Academic Dishonesty
Join us for a discussion of Honor Code violations, the practices of the Honor Council, and what we as faculty might do to support authentic learning and student work.

Block 5: Tuesday, Jan 30
General Education Revision: Writing Programs and General Education – Dr. Tracy Santa, Writing Program Director, & Dr. Van E. Hillard, Writing Program Director at Davidson College
How might we re-envision our Writing Program as part of the College’s revision of General Education?  Dr. Hillard, Director of the Writing Program at Davidson College, and Dr. Santa, Director of our own Writing Program, will lead a discussion of national norms, the Davidson model, and directions for our future at Colorado College. RSVP by noon, Friday, January 26: 

Block 6: Tuesday, February 27
Classroom Teaching Observations and Mid-Block Reflections
Discussion of both formative and summative evaluations and new ideas for increasing student and faculty reflection.

Block 7: Tuesday, April 3
Thinking with Our NFO Read: Claudia Rankine's Citizen - Professors Claire Garcia and Natanya Pulley
Join us in Block 7 as we think with our NFO Read, Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric, about free speech, academic freedom, civic engagement, and higher education.  Professors Claire Garcia and Natanya Pulley will lead off the discussion.  RSVP for lunch by noon, Friday, March 30 at

Block 8: Tuesday, May 1
Collaborative Research in the Digital Liberal Arts
Curious about the digital liberal arts and what collaborations among students, faculty, and staff are underway on campus?  Learn about projects at a range of stages and opportunities for the future.  RSVP by noon, Friday, May 27 at