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Current Projects

Armstrong Hall

We discussed the landscape design (partially underway) around Armstrong Hall.  Specific recommendations given to the landscape design company (NES) are in the Block 1 minutes.

Children's Center

We reviewed plans for the exterior of the building, especially the aesthetic connection to the adjacent building that will be integrated into the Center, and the aesthetic connect to the college and the historic North End neighborhood.  For more information see the Block 2 minutes.

Shove Chapel

We reviewed plans to add a drop off point/drive through passage on the east side of Shove Chapel, and discussed that future landscape plans should reflect the uniqueness of the building. For more information see the Block 2 minutes.

West Cutler Quad Landscaping

We discussed ideas for landscaping around the new El Pomar building.  We also viewed preliminary plans for changing the landscaping the area between Cutler Hall and the new El Pomar building in order to provide transition to the north entrance of El Pomar and resolve service and fire department access issues.  For more information see the Block 2 minutes.

New Parking Lot (former Conoco site)

We reviewed the plans for the transformation of the former Conoco station site into a parking lot and the concrete (CMU) wall that will separate the parking lot from the work area behind the 3D Arts building. For more information see the Block 2 minutes.

Alley Between Worner and Honnen Ice Rink

Community members have noted the ‘ugliness’ of the walkway between the Worner Center and Honnen Ice Rink.  We will begin a discussion about possible solutions to the aesthetic depravity of this area.

East Campus Housing plan

To be considered in the future.