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Scientific Investigations Submission Form

Description adapted from the Course Catalog

Critical Perspectives: Scientific Investigation

  1. Courses meeting this General Education requirement enhance students' understanding of the natural world and of the methods central to modern science. They give students opportunities to explore the broader earth system and universe, a sphere of inquiry that includes but is not limited to humans. In a world influenced by science and technology, informed citizens need to be familiar with the distinctive ways of thinking characteristic of the sciences and need to cultivate skill in quantitative reasoning. This requirement complements the Global Cultures requirements by addressing a distinct approach to the understanding of the world that originated in the West but currently exercises global influence.

  2. These courses will meet the description given in #1 and will accomplish some combination of the following:

    • Explicitly address the nature of the scientific method;
    • Enhance scientific literacy.
    • Introduce the foundations and principles of scientific knowledge;
    • Emphasize the use of quantitative reasoning;
    • Give students direct experience in the gathering and analysis of scientific data;

At least one of the two units must involve significant laboratory or field experience.

Note: If you are requesting an "L" designation, you must submit that justification to the NSEC.

Last updated: 12/17/2020