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    Quantitative Reasoning Submission Form

    Critical Perspectives: Quantitative Reasoning

    A course that pursues at least three of the assessable student learning outcomes [listed below] may receive Quantitative Reasoning designation:

    Students will:

    * Apply logical and symbolic analysis to different kinds of problems

    * Model phenomena with mathematical or logical reasoning

    * Represent quantitative information in different forms (e.g., equations, graphs, diagrams, tables, text)

    * Describe numerical data presented in different forms (e.g., equations, graphs, diagrams, tables, words)

    * Use quantitative techniques to estimate or compute a result

    * Develop appropriate inferences and conclusions from numerical data

    * Critically evaluate key assumptions and limitations of one’s own work as well as others’ inferences and conclusions

    * Use communication (written, visual, oral) to express a quantitative argument, inference, or conclusion