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    COVID-19 Message Archive

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    Emergency Response Fund

    Because many in the Colorado College community asked how they can help, we have established the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency Response Fund to meet needs during these uncertain times. Many of our alumni, parents, and friends, as well as members of our Board of Trustees and the president’s cabinet, have contributed. The fund also provides the college with resources to respond to unexpected expenses developing during this crisis and for lost revenue.

    If you wish to contribute, please visit

    In response to inquiries, we have created a form for families interested in donating their room and board credit to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency Response Fund: Alternatively, please contact for more information.

    2020 Summer Work Teams

    Building on the planning work of the 10 initial working groups this spring, these new Work Teams are focusing on implementation, managing critical projects and details to bring the recommendations to fruition by August, while still being nimble enough to react to changes in the environment as they occur.

    Academic Program and Policies

    This team is preparing for the possibility of distance learning classes and in-person classes for fall courses. It is also identifying ways to teach in outdoor and non-traditional spaces and looking into the possibility of Block 4 being taught entirely online. This could allow students to return home for an extended period during what may be a resurgence in COVID cases. This team is providing new and adjusted course offerings for Blocks 1 through J Block and the January Half Block, including online course options for each block. This group is also guiding the reopening of Fall 2020 course registration to include all new courses and changes to the previous schedule. This team is establishing revised academic and financial aid policies including Pass/Fail, Student Leave, and Drop/Add policies as needed.


    Claire Garcia, Dean of the Faculty, chair
    Andrea Bruder, Associate Dean of the Faculty
    Jane Murphy, Faculty Support Subcommittee
    Pedro de Araujo, Vice Provost
    CEC representative [tbd]
    Phil Apodaca, Registrar
    Megan Nicklaus, Director of the Career Center [Half Block]
    Jennifer Golightly, ITS [Faculty]
    Aaron Stoller, Director of Academic Programs
    Re Evitt [FEC representative]
    Shannon Amundson, Director of Financial Aid
    Dale Willson, Jr., Team Staffer

    Campus Life and Co-Curriculars

    This group is determining which activities will continue in-person and which will be virtual. It’s also developing supports for an expected increased demand for mental health services. This team is providing a new plan and schedule for campus activities, identifying in-person and virtual events. This plan will include specific activities for block breaks, assuming travel restrictions for students.


    Rochelle Dickey-Mason, Acting Dean of Students, co-chair
    Lesley Irvine, VP for Athletics, co-chair
    Megan Nicklaus, Career Center
    Bill Dove, Counseling Center
    Pearl Leonard-Rock, The Butler Center
    Brett Woodard, Career Center
    Ryan Hammes, Outdoor Education
    Bethany Grubbs, Director of Residential Life
    Kate Holbrook, Chaplain
    Chris Starr, Athletics
    Jason Bushie, Athletics *
    Zak Kroger, Student Life and Team Staffer 

    First-Year Students

    This team is creating detailed New Student and Winter Start Orientation plans, identifying which activities will be in-person and which will be delivered virtually. It is also establishing a plan for CC100 Critical Inquiry Seminar and CC120 First-Year Writing Seminar (First-Year Program courses) — assuming both will be offered in-person, The group is assigning and registering all first-year students, confirming faculty, and securing options for those students or faculty who may need to engage remotely, or should circumstances change in Blocks 1 and 2. This team is also determining a plan for transfer students. 


    Mark Hatch, Vice President for Enrollment, chair
    Aaron Stoller, Office of Academic Programs
    Pedro de Araujo, Vice Provost
    Traci Freeman, Executive Director, Colket Center for Academic Excellence
    Amy Hill, Director of Campus Activities and Student Orientation
    Rochelle Taylor, Housing and Conference Manager
    Megan Rhodes, Associate Director of Admission
    Mateen Zafer, Butler Center
    Heather A Jones, Team Staffer

    Testing, Treatment, and Response

    This working group is developing a testing protocol for campus. This includes an estimate for the number and cost of tests needed to test all who are symptomatic. This group is establishing a deadline for confirming with vendors on test kits and test results. It is also determining how to address testing requirements and how those could impact on-campus plans, and exploring contracting with an epidemiological specialist for the CC community. This team is developing the college’s quarantine protocol and determining whether and how to establish contact tracing.


    Heather Horton, Director of the Wellness Resource Center, chair
    Brian Young, VP for IT
    Mateo Munoz, Assistant Provost for Budgeting and Strategic Planning
    John Lauer, Residential Life & Housing
    Maggie Santos, Campus Safety
    Bill Dove, Counseling Center
    Andy Obringer, Athletics
    Matt Cooney, ITS (GIS)


    This group is developing and implementing prevention protocols that we will follow for the return to campus. It is the sole campus entity responsible for acquiring all needed supplies and materials, including masks, hand sanitizer, sanitizer dispensers, Plexiglas shields for areas, density monitoring systems, temperature checking stations, and others. No other department or division should buy or use CC resources to buy supplies as this team is the single purchasing liaison for all campus needs. The team is assessing all buildings for social distancing measures as well as making sure there is proper ventilation in all areas. It is also crafting a plan to communicate these protocols to all members of the campus community. Contact this team if you have specific needs.


    Brian Young, VP for Information Technology, chair
    Barbara Wilson, Associate Vice President for Administrative Services
    Cathy Buckley, Campus Safety
    Lori Seager, Associate Vice President of Finance
    Denise Sheridan, Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator
    Tulio Wolford, ITS
    Ryan Bañagle, Faculty
    Michael Starr, Facilities Support Services Supervisor
    Maria Capp, FAC Operations Director
    Steve Lawson, Tutt Library
    Andy Obringer, Athletics
    John Gould; Faculty
    Lucie Tennis, ITS Operations Lead
    Shannon Wilson, Manager Bon Appetit
    Bronson Terry, Sodexo Lead
    Keith Beck, Student Life Facilities Lead
    Stephanie Wurtz, Communications
    Linda Petro, ITS and Team Staffer

    Administrative Policies

    This group is establishing policies for staff, faculty, and student on-campus accommodation guidelines; determining employment and benefits policies for staff and faculty who cannot be on-campus; and creating policies for campus vendors, contractors, and visitors to include reporting requirements and on-campus check-ins. This team is setting campus event policies, including those for any external organizations, and setting travel policies for all members of the campus community, including mandatory reporting of personal travel.


    Robert Moore, SVP for Finance and Administration, chair
    Heather Kissack, Associate Vice President for Human Resources
    Dennis McEnnerney, Faculty, FEC Chair
    Stephanie Wurtz, Assistant Vice President for Communications
    Brenda Soto, Director of Campus Events
    Molly Bodnar, Associate Vice President for Advancement
    Greg Capell, Senior Associate Director of Athletics
    Lori Seager, Associate Vice President for Finance
    Tricia Ayala, Team Staffer