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    2020-21 Work Teams

    Six Summer Work Teams focused on implementation and recommendations ahead of the 2020-21 academic year, building on the planning work of the 10 initial working groups this spring. Now, three new Work Teams have been formed to work throughout the academic year: Scientific Advisory Group, Advisory Leadership Team, and the Operations Team.

    COVID Advisory Leadership Team (ALT)

    as of July 29, 2020

    Team Charge

    Will serve as a strategic resource for college leadership for the 2020-21 year. This group will bring together representation from key groups to discuss the latest information, recommendations and feedback from across the college, county, state and national organizations in order to have a holistic view of all things Covid. The information could arise from internal experts, teams, and or individuals through the various pipelines. Information could also arise from external organizations such as the CDC, OEM, State of Colorado and the El Paso Country Health Department. The information from this group will be collected, synthesized and shared with the President’s Cabinet on a weekly basis (or as needed). In addition to gathering information, this group will coordinate a multifaceted communication plan that would include campus emails, website updates, talking points, virtual town halls, and other modes of communication as necessary. The team will meet weekly at first and adjust as needed once the college reopens.


    Maggie Santos, co-chair, Director of Campus Safety
    Lyrae Williams, co-chair, AVP Institutional Planning & Effectiveness
    Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) rep – Andrea Bruder, SAG chair/Assoc. Dean of the Faculty
    Faculty rep – Gail Murphy-Geiss, Professor of Sociology
    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion rep – Rosalie Rodriguez, Senior Associate Dean of Students
    Residential Experience rep – Edwin Hamida, AVP for Residential Life
    Staff Council rep – Drew Cavin, Staff Council co-chair for 2020-21
    Student reps – Minh Pham (on-campus) and Stuart Callinan (off-campus)


    Maggie Santos – lead Covid Operations Team, contact tracing, Colorado Springs and El Paso County liaison

    Lyrae Williams – coordinate meetings/information for the Covid Advisory Leadership Team; serve as the liaison to the Presidents’ Cabinet, Working Groups, and the Extended Leadership Team. Assist with communications.

    Andrea Bruder, SAG - will share highlights of their team’s work, recommendations and concerns

    Gail Murphy-Geiss - will share questions and concerns from faculty, as well as bring back information to faculty through the FEC channels

    Rosalie Rodriguez – will bring the lens of equity, inclusion and diversity to the Covid efforts

    Edwin Hamida – will bring the student lived experience from housing, food service, wellness, etc.

    Drew Cavin, Staff Council - will share questions and concerns from staff, as well as bring back information to staff through the Staff Council channels

    Minh Pham and Stuart Callinan – will bring student voices to the group, and will convey information back to students working in conjunction with CCSGA

    COVID Operations Team

    Working Charge

    This group will consist of staff from throughout the college that support students, faculty, and staff on the ground. The group will share current issues, concerns and questions in order to provide a complete picture of the campus and what is happening on the ground. This information will contribute to the college’s ability to be nimble during the evolving nature of the pandemic and the college’s response during the 2020-21 academic year. Information gathered will inform recommendations to operations and logistics which will be relayed to college leadership through Advisory Leadership Team. The team will meet weekly at first and adjust as needed when the college reopens.


    Maggie Santos and Lyrae Williams, Advisory Leadership Team co-chairs, plus representation from across campus from areas that are directly relating with students, faculty and staff.

    Allen Bertsche, Global Education and Field Study
    Allison Pacheco, Campus Safety
    Amy Hill, Campus Activities and Student Orientation
    Andreanna Trujillo, Campus Events
    April Scriven, Mail Services
    Bethany Grubbs, Residential Life
    Cathy Buckley, Campus Safety
    Denise Sheridan, Facilities Services
    Heather Horton, Wellness Resource Center
    Jan Edwards, Accessibility Resources
    Janna Jones, Alumni, Parent and Family Relations
    Jason Bushie, Athletics
    John Lauer, Housing
    Kara Deschenes, Human Resources
    Lori Seager, Finance & Administration
    Rebecca McCaskill, Fine Arts Center
    Shannon Amundson, Financial Aid
    Stephanie Wurtz, Communications
    Steve Lawson, Tutt Library
    Teresa Leopold, Advising Hub
    Tulio Wolford, ITS

    Scientific Advisory Group


    The Scientific Advisory Group brings together a team of faculty members with expertise in the biology of infectious diseases, mathematical modeling, biological and medical ethics, and the sociology of medicine. The team will synthesize, for CC decision makers, relevant local, state, and national data pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic; and monitor and communicate scientific information about transmission of the coronavirus and strategies for minimizing its spread on the CC campus to the Dean of Faculty and Acting Provost, the Presidents’ Cabinet, and the CC COVID-19 Emergency Response Team Incident Commander.


    Andrea Bruder, Mathematics and Associate Dean (chair)

    David Brown, Mathematics
    Olivia Hatton, Molecular Biology
    Marion Hourdequin, Philosophy and Environmental Science
    Miro Kummel, Environmental Science
    Vanessa Munoz, Sociology

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    Emergency Response Fund

    Because many in the Colorado College community asked how they can help, we have established the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency Response Fund to meet needs during these uncertain times. Many of our alumni, parents, and friends, as well as members of our Board of Trustees and the president’s cabinet, have contributed. The fund also provides the college with resources to respond to unexpected expenses developing during this crisis and for lost revenue.

    Read here about requesting support from the (COVID-19) Coronavirus Emergency Response Fund

    If you wish to contribute, please visit

    In response to inquiries, we have created a form for families interested in donating their room and board credit to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency Response Fund: Alternatively, please contact for more information.