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Testing: Colorado College’s Health Partners

CC has partnered with Optum, Ambulnz, and UCHealth to ensure that members of the CC community have access to COVID-19 testing. The college focuses on two types of testing with all of its health partners: symptomatic and asymptomatic.


Symptomatic Testing:

If you experience any symptoms that are associated with COVID, you should contact a medical provider through the process below to determine whether COVID-19 testing is needed. If a COVID-19 test is determined to be medically appropriate, the CC contact tracing team will be notified; contact tracing as well as isolation and quarantine protocols will begin.

During operating hours (Mon,-Fri. 8 a.m.-8 p.m., Sat.-Sun. noon-3 p.m.), students have access to testing at the Student Health Center. Call (719) 389-6384 to schedule an appointment.


Weekly Testing (Asymptomatic):

Students are currently using the Student Health Center for weekly testing and the Optum “Follow My Health” portal to check their results. All students living on or near campus are required to test each week and are notified via email each Monday with that week’s particular testing instructions.

Students who test at the Student Health Center receive an Abbott ID Now test and know within an hour if they have tested positive (they will immediately receive a phone call from the Student Health Center if they have tested positive). All results, whether positive or negative, take up to 48 hours to post on the Follow My Health portal. 

Faculty and staff:
Colorado College also has partnered with Ambulnz to test a segment of faculty and staff each week; faculty and staff can then use the Ambulnz portal to check their results.  Employees selected for testing will be notified via email each Monday with that week’s particular testing instructions.

While the process is voluntary for faculty and staff, individuals are strongly encouraged to participate, as this will increase the effectiveness of the testing program and help our community mitigate the risk of COVID-19.

Faculty and staff who test with Ambulnz receive a standard PCR test and will have results within 48-72 hours.


Creating Accounts with Our Testing Providers:

Note: These portals are separate. If you’re not seeing results in the expected timeframe, confirm you are using the correct portal.  

Optum/Student Health Center:
Optum posts test results to the Follow My Health website (if you haven’t set up your account, the site walks you through the process). 

Ambulnz provides a portal to view your test results (typically 48-72 hours after testing). It is important to register with this portal prior to arriving for your testing appointment if you have not already done so. To access the portal:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address. 
  3. Choose a password and submit.
  4. Go to your email inbox for the confirmation email from Click the link in the body of the email (if prompted, log in using your email address and previously chosen password).
  5. Enter your details and click “create.”
  6. When arriving for your appointment, let the staff know that you have pre-registered.
  7. To get your results approximately 48-72 hours after testing, log in at and scroll to the bottom. Ambulnz provides notifications via email and/or text when results are ready.

If you are having difficulty with the portal and/or your results cannot be seen, email for assistance, as the college does not administer this portal. 

All members of the CC community should create their UCHealth My Health Connection account, where you’ll access test results. Click on the appropriate link below (preferably from a computer):

This URL will take you to the My Health Connection page. If you already have an account, log in. If not, click, “Sign Up Now” and create an account. Next, you’ll be asked to verify that your account is associated with CC’s “employer” testing program. Click “Submit” to verify this. Set up your account as prompted. You can also download the My Health Connection app on your mobile phone. If you have difficulty with this process, the My Health Connection Support Line is (855) 395-9031.

Additional Resources

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Submitting Proof of Vaccination

CC will require all students, faculty, and staff who are accessing campus for the 2021-22 academic year to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. All members of the campus community will be required to provide proof of vaccination or exemption by Aug. 1.

Students: View the process for students to submit proof of vaccination.

Employees: HR will send employees detailed instructions on how to upload your vaccination card via Summit and on the vaccine exemption process.

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Emergency Response Fund

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Learn about requesting support from the (COVID-19) Coronavirus Emergency Response Fund

For Others

Because many in the Colorado College community asked how they can help, we have established the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency Response Fund to meet needs during these uncertain times. Many of our alumni, parents, and friends, as well as members of our Board of Trustees and the president's cabinet, have contributed. The fund also provides the college with resources to respond to unexpected expenses developing during this crisis and for lost revenue.

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