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    COVID-19 Message Archive

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    Emergency Response Fund

    Because many in the Colorado College community asked how they can help, we have established the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency Response Fund to meet needs during these uncertain times. Many of our alumni, parents, and friends, as well as members of our Board of Trustees and the president’s cabinet, have contributed. The fund also provides the college with resources to respond to unexpected expenses developing during this crisis and for lost revenue.

    If you wish to contribute, please visit

    In response to inquiries, we have created a form for families interested in donating their room and board credit to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency Response Fund: Alternatively, please contact for more information.

    Study Abroad & Other International Travel

    The Center for Global Education and Field Study monitors travel advisories and updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19) from the U.S. Department of State; Centers for Disease Control; World Health Organization; International SOS; and other international resources such as the United Kingdom, Canadian, and Australian equivalents to the Department of State advisories. The center also monitors news on immigration and re-entry policies of both the United States and host countries. A general standard for program cancellation is based on risk levels assessed by agencies and government departments, but allows for individual programs to determine if they wish to be even more cautious than warnings require.

    Updated May 1, 2020

    • Current and upcoming CC-led program status:

      SPRING 2020

      All CC-led study abroad programs have been canceled for the Spring Semester. See details below.

      • CC in China (Blocks 7-8)
        Canceled pre-departure.
        Students are guaranteed placement in the 2021 CC in China program if they choose to apply.
      • CC Semester in France (Blocks 5-8)
        Suspended; students notified on Monday, March 2.
        Students were instructed to book the most immediate return flights viable. All participants may complete CC courses (distance learning) for Blocks 7-8.
      • CC in Russia (Blocks 7-8)
        Canceled pre-departure.
        Students may enroll in CC classes (distance learning) for Blocks 7-8. Students who wish to join the 2021 Russia program will be guaranteed acceptance into the program.
      • CC Block 7 in Greece
        Canceled pre-departure.
        The program fee will be refunded to the students’ CC accounts. Students interested in a 2020-21 Greece program should inquire with Professor Lisa Hughes as space is available both Block 3 and 4 in Greece. All aid provided to 2020 Block 7 Greece participants will be transferable to the 2020 programs.
      • CC Block 8 in Italy
        Canceled pre-departure.
        Students are also guaranteed placement in the 2021 Block 8 Italy program if they choose to apply. All aid provided to 2020 Italy participants will be transferable to the 2021 program.
      • Students Enrolled in a Non-CC Semester Abroad Program: Based on the U.S. Department of State warning issued on March 19, we are recommending that all students on non-Colorado College semester programs, regardless of location, make immediate plans to return to their homes. CC recommends that students return to their homes, and not to campus, and that they work with the provider to allow for online course completion so that semester courses can be completed and credit can be transferred to CC. Students who will be unable to complete a full semester’s worth of credit remotely from their study abroad program, and who wish to enroll in CC courses Blocks 7-8 via distance learning, should communicate this to the assistant director of global education, as this will require a case-by-case assessment and approval process.

        For students in canceled programs, as well as those who withdraw from ongoing programs, CC will work with the program sponsor to acquire partial refunds of all appropriate program charges, including tuition (if no online course option exists), and housing/program fees. Any refunded program fees that represent payments made by the student will be credited toward the student account at CC and can be returned to the student. Individual student withdrawal from a program may lead to a smaller refund than those possible if the program sponsor suspends its program. CC will negotiate to maximize all refunds, however students should be advised that the amount of any program refund is determined by the program sponsor and not Colorado College.

      SUMMER 2020

      • All Summer 2020 programs have been canceled pre-departure. Students enrolled in these courses have been provided with multiple deferral or re-enrollment options, depending upon the course’s availability online in Summer 2020 or abroad in Summer 2021. 
      • Students who defer until Summer 2021 are guaranteed slots in the 2021 program and all aid awards from Summer 2020 will be honored in Summer 2021.

      FALL 2020 CC Study Away Programs

      • First-Year Fall Semester Away (FSA) Program
        Canceled pre-departure
        Students will be notified by the Admission Office of their enrollment options 
      • CC in Lüneburg Fall Semester program has been canceled. Interested students may take German studies courses on campus in the fall, or apply for Fall 2021. See the CC German Department for more information
      • The Fall CC in Latin America Program is scheduled to proceed, however, Global Education continues to monitor all developments and make adjustments as needed.
      • All block away programs for the fall (Blocks 2-4) are also scheduled to proceed as planned
      • Students who are enrolled in either semester or block away programs during Blocks 1-4 should regularly check their email inboxes for updates and requests for information throughout spring and summer.
      • Due to uncertainty surrounding the spread of the virus and its extension into fall, we will adjust the Fall Block Away full refund deadline. Students can withdraw from a Fall Block Away up until June 15 (or later if the program in question has a later deadline) with no financial impact. Students will not be billed for any program expenses.
      • Students participating in either the Fall CC in Latin America semester or any CC Fall Block Abroad) should register for all program courses under the expectation that the program will run as planned. If the program is forced to cancel, Global Education and the Hub will assist students with registration for alternative fall courses.  Students on Fall Block Away programs will not be billed for the program fee if their program is cancelled.


      • Due to the uncertain nature of the virus and the measures taken by different nations, all students who have applied for a non-CC Fall Semester Abroad are strongly encouraged to consider deferral until Spring 2021 or Fall 2021.
      • All Fall 2020 enrolled students are expected to confirm their participation on Summit by the extended confirmation deadline of July 1, and any later withdrawals, cancellations, or alteration of plans that would lead to the student arriving on campus in the fall will be handled by CC on a case-by-case basis.
      • Students enrolling in Fall Semester programs should communicate with Heather Powell Browne,, if they wish to withdraw after their confirmation of participation.
      • Non-U.S. Passport Holders: Colorado College international students should review the latest information regarding entry restrictions placed on passport holders from their home country. If you travel on a non-U.S. passport and you are unsure of your status for an upcoming study abroad program, you should speak with the global education coordinator, Shiyanke Goonetilleke,, to confirm restrictions that might be in place.

      Co-curricular International Travel

      • Co-curricular international trips planned for the Spring Semester and Summer 2020, including an Outdoor Education program in Peru and a Forensics team trip to Japan, have been canceled. Departments, offices, and programs should contact Allen Bertsche, director of global education, 227-8280, before making co-curricular international travel plans.

    Contact Information

    Center for Global Education and Field Study: (719) 389-6077

    Center for Global Education and Field Study staff contacts:
    Shiyanke Goonetilleke, global education coordinator (specialist in CC Blocks Away)

    Heather Powell Browne, assistant director of global education (specialist in semester programs)

    Allen Bertsche, director of global education (policy, procedures, all program models)

    Additional Resources