Presidential Address

Good morning. I am Mike Edmonds and I have the honor as serving as Colorado College's acting co-president alongside Robert Moore. I want to begin by honoring the land we stand on, which is the home of the Ute First Peoples of Colorado. We sit and stand at the base of Pikes Peak, which the Ute named Tava or Sun Mountain. As we gathered to celebrate today, we honor First Peoples everywhere. On behalf of our dedicated faculty, staff, and trustees welcome to CC's 147th commencement ceremony.

Oh my God. O-M-G. You're here. I'm here. Your family is here. We made it. Oh my God.

Welcome to our guests, family, and friends of our graduates. We're so happy to have you join us to celebrate this milestone. Our graduates would not be here without you. Class of 2021 I'm thankful for you. And we are honored to recognize you today. Together for the first time in what seems like forever, this is a special time of joy. This year your class decided upon a quote from Malcolm X to be your motto. "Stumbling is not falling." This reminded me of another quote from the contemporary American philosopher, Tupac. "Should I just stop trying and give up? But then, that's exactly what they're waiting for me to do." No matter what you choose in life, there will be times when you will stumble or fall, but this is part of the path. When the next challenge comes remember your strength. Remember your resiliency. Remember the many people in your life who are there to lend a helping hand if you stumble. Congratulations Class of 2021.

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