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Why is the college conducting a survey of its staff and faculty?

Employee feedback is essential to identifying areas where we are doing well and where improvement is needed.  Being a great place to work is our goal and priority, and this work will contribute to the strategic planning process.  The President, Cabinet, Staff Council, and Faculty Executive Committee endorse surveying staff and faculty to obtain a comprehensive picture of the college climate and culture. 

Who is eligible to take the survey?

All full- and part-time staff and all faculty.

Why is it important for me to participate?

Your voice matters and your responses will help the college identify areas needing attention. Higher response rates provide a better understanding of all employee needs and opinions.

Who will administer the survey?

We have partnered with ModernThink, a nationally recognized third-party vendor, to administer our survey. 

Will my responses on the survey remain confidential?

Yes. ModernThink will not release any raw data to the college. We will only see aggregated data, not individual responses.

Can my email address be used to track my responses?

No.  The survey will be completed on ModernThink’s confidential website.  The email address is only used to access the survey and to ensure that only one survey is completed per employee.  

What will happen to my responses to open-ended questions?

ModernThink will provide verbatim responses to the president and the director of human resources. They may also be shared with cabinet members. You are encouraged not to include any identifying information in your responses.

What is the Chronicle’s Great Colleges program and how is it related to our climate survey?

ModernThink LLC is the research partner for the Chronicle’s Great Colleges program. Now in its sixth year, the program is designed to recognize institutions that are great places to work and to compile detailed benchmarking data about industry trends. Recognized institutions will benefit from positive publicity, which can aid recruitment and retention efforts.

How was the survey process designed?

A committee including representatives from the Faculty Executive Committee, Staff Council, Human Resources, President’s Office, and Communications worked with ModernThink to customize the survey.  

What areas will the survey focus on?

The survey statements solicit feedback on a broad range of topics focused around the following themes:

  • Job Satisfaction/Support                                        
  • Teaching Environment                                             
  • Development, Research, & Scholarship           
  • Compensation & Benefits                                             
  • Facilities & Security                                                      
  • Policies, Resources, & Efficiency                                     
  • Collaboration                                                             
  • Respect & Appreciation
  • College Governance
  • Connection to Institution
  • Supervisor/Department Chair Relationship
  • Confidence in Senior Leadership
  • Faculty, Staff, Administration Relations
  • Internal Communication
  • Fairness

In addition to the core survey statements, the survey committee has included additional statements that focus on institution-specific initiatives or areas of interest.

Why are demographics asked on the survey?

The demographic information (i.e. gender, age, job role, etc.) will help ModernThink better understand the patterns and themes in the survey data.  As the confidentiality of your responses is critical, ModernThink will not report your individual demographic data.  Group demographic data will only be reported when there are five or more respondents in a particular group.  Although the demographics are an optional piece of the survey, you are strongly encouraged to complete this information.

How much time will it take to complete the survey?

About 20 minutes.

How long will the survey be available?

The survey will open on October 8 and close on October 23.

Can I complete the survey during my regular work hours?

Yes, this is considered work and should be completed during work hours.

How will surveys be made available to employees without a computer?

Access to a computer is available in every department as well as in Tutt Library and the college’s computer labs. In addition, computers will be available at events related to the survey.

Once I start the survey, can I access it again?

Your answers will be stored each time you select the NEXT button at the bottom of a survey page. So if you get interrupted you can come back to the survey.  You will need to log on to the survey site to re-access the survey.  To protect your confidentiality, you will not be able to access the survey after you click the SUBMIT button on the last page of the survey.

What if I have problems accessing the survey site?

For technical questions or problems with the survey site, please contact ModernThink at (888) 684-4658 or, Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Client Services will respond to you as promptly as possible.

Who can I contact with additional questions about the employee survey?

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding the survey and/or the survey process, please contact Barbara Wilson, human resources director, at X6421 or or Lisa Brommer, X6202 or 

When will the results of the survey be shared with the campus?

Preliminary results will be shared with the Cabinet, Faculty Executive Committee, Staff Council, and Human Resources in November with a more complete report made to the entire campus in the spring.