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All College Committees

The Colorado College Faculty Handbook establishes Standing Committees (commonly referred to as Campus Committees or All-College Committees). Students are currently allowed membership on eight committees, as seen below. During 7th block of each academic year, CCSGA invites any student to apply to serve on a Campus Committee. Students need not be a member of CCSGA to apply. After receiving applications, the CCSGA Outreach Committee appoints students to Campus Committees for the following academic year. For a full list of all committees and their faculty members, please visit:

Academic Year 2019-2020

Curriculum Executive Committee: Chris Maurice '20, Theodore Weiss '21, Deksyos Damtew '22

Committee on Instruction: Sophie Cardin '22, Liam Reynolds '21

Vice Provost Advisory Committee: Emma Fetterly '20, Sierra Romero '22

Information Technology and Library Board: Taylor Hawkins '21, Josie McCauley '22

Budget Committee: Remy Wells '20, Natalie Gubbay '20

NCAA-Required Institutional Athletics Board: Gabrielle Jadotte '22

Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum: Melanie Mandell '20, Elias Asher '21

Design Review Board: Bradley Bollag-Miller '21, Emma Brossman '20

Students Appointed to Temporary Committees and Task Forces

Innovation Building Team: Jose Monge Castro '20 and Lauren Weiss '21

Climate Change Task Force: Lily Weissgold '20, Ethan Greenberg '20, Noah Hirshorn '20

Foreign Language Task Force: Evva Parsons '20

Science Visioning Committee: Elias Mondaca '21 and Madie Alexander '20

Pathfinder Process Committee

Committee on Student Community Standards:

Diana Borrego '22, Dalles Tranquille '23, Mataan Peer '21, Rachel Powers '20, Eric Snyder '21, Albert Lo '23, Kat Gruschow '22, Karla Iruegas '21, Miles Marshall '21, Nicolette Gordillo-LaRiviere '21, Daniel de Koning '23

Last updated: 12/02/2020