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Academic Advising FAQs

If you have not already done so, please fill out the academic advising questionnaire.

How is my faculty adviser assigned to me?

We try to assign you to a faculty member with whom you are taking a class and/or on the basis of your intended major in the First-Year Experience program during Blocks I and II.  Your advising questionnaire and your course registration forms are essential to the assignment process.

When and how will I know who my adviser will be?

Prior to arriving at the college you will be sent a letter from the Associate Dean of the College telling you the name, office address, and phone number of your faculty adviser.  The letter will also include information on your course enrollment and your placement on waiting lists, if any.

Do I have to keep the same faculty adviser throughout my education at Colorado College?

Your initial faculty adviser will advise you during your first two years at the college.  We recommend that you not change your adviser until after your first semester.  Once you declare a major, you are expected to seek out an adviser in the department of your major.  The chair of the department can assist you in selecting someone to act as your adviser in the department.  You may, however, change your adviser at any time.

How do I change my faculty adviser?

Students can change faculty advisers at any time by filling out a change of adviser form (available at the Registrar’s Office), having both former and new advisers sign the form, and then returning the form to the Registrar for processing.

When will I meet with my new faculty adviser?

You will have your first official meeting with your adviser during New Student Orientation. More specifically, you will meet with your faculty adviser on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 from 4:00—6:00 the faculty member's office. Once you find out who your faculty adviser is, you can contact her/him by telephone or e-mail before arriving on campus.

Can I request a faculty adviser whom I have met and been in communication with over the last year?

Yes.  You can include a note with your advising questionnaire or contact Karen Lee Smith, Dean of the College Office, at (719) 389-6686 or via email at

Who can help me with advice when my adviser is away from campus or when I am in need of assistance?

You can speak to faculty with whom you have had a class, department chairs, your First-Year Experience instructor (and for informal advice, your FYE student mentor), or you may speak with the Registrar, Mr. Phillip Apodaca.  You can also seek assistance from the Associate Dean of the College, at (719) 389-6686; Dean Mike Edmonds, the Dean of Students, at (719) 389-6684

What kind of courses should I take in my first year at the college?

We recommend that you take “Critical Perspectives: The West in Time” course as well as some courses in disciplines in which you have an interest.  Courses such as First-Year Seminars (FS) are open only to first-year students. General Studies (GS), Divisional Studies (HS, NS, and SS), and courses with “Emphasis on Writing” are particularly appropriate for entering students, as are foreign language courses.  Explore one or two disciplines in which you may want to major by taking a required course for the major.

How often should I meet with my adviser?

How often you meet with your adviser is dependent on your own planning and initiative.  You should see your adviser at least three times a semester.  Be sure to seek out your adviser any time you have an academic or personal matter that you want to discuss.  You can often get answers to your questions by phone or e-mail.  Your adviser cannot help you if she or he does not know what issues and problems you are facing.  Stay in touch!

What are the three most important things I need to know to succeed in the Block Plan?

Planning is the key to accomplishing most of your interests and objectives while a student at the college.  Commitment to your education and a willingness to work hard are essential.  Lastly, learning to manage your time on a daily basis will ensure your overall success.

For more information regarding advising, please contact the Karen Lee Smith, Dean of the College Office, at (719) 389-6686 or via email at