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Racial Climate Surveys

As part of Colorado College’s membership in the Liberal Arts Colleges Racial Equity Leadership Alliance and commitment to create a more fair and justice-oriented place to learn, live, and work, the college will conduct three racial climate surveys — one each for students, staff, and faculty — to assess the extent to which race matters on campus, as well as the current level of equity at CC.

Student Survey

The National Assessment of Collegiate Campus Climates will be conducted in Fall 2021 and results will be delivered in Summer 2022. 

The NACCC is a national quantitative survey on campus racial climate created by the USC Race and Equity Center, specifically designed for undergraduate students at community colleges and four-year institutions. This survey provides data about undergraduate students’ appraisals of institutional commitment to equity and inclusion, the extent to which they interact meaningfully with diverse others, where and what they learn about race, their feelings of readiness for citizenship in a racially diverse democracy, and other important topics. The NACCC includes the following six content areas essential to understanding racial climate on campus, plus demographic information: mattering and affirmation, cross-racial engagement, encounters with racial stress, racial learning and literacy, appraisals of institutional commitment, and impact of external environments.

Once the survey is complete and the results are compiled, USC’s Race and Equity Center will analyze the results and provide practical recommendations to make CC’s campus more inclusive during the summer of 2022. Colorado College also will receive the anonymous data to conduct our own analysis. All analyses and results will be shared with the CC community.

CC will use the results to inform the Antiracism Implementation Plan, including new initiatives. All of the information provided will be kept confidential and individual data will be accessible only to NACCC survey administrators, who are under strict confidentiality requirements. For the sake of improving the campus climate, students should express their honest and true feelings about race at CC. These overall results will help create better understanding of the actual experiences of all students on campus.

Staff Survey

Will be conducted in Spring 2022.

Faculty Survey

Will be conducted in Spring 2023.

Liberal Arts Colleges Racial Equity Leadership Alliance

LACRELA is a consortium of nearly 70 liberal arts colleges that meet monthly to discuss strategies for advancing racial equity and inclusion in higher education. The monthly sessions are led by leading experts in the field under the direction of USC’s Race and Equity Center, which is led by Dr. Shaun Harper, who gave a lecture at CC titled “Antiracism 101.”


Responding to statements on race and the racial climate on campus may cause any number of feelings, and may be uncomfortable for some. For support, the diversity, equity, and inclusion team; Butler Center; Counseling Center; Wellness Resource Center; and Spiritual Life are available.

For questions about the racial climate surveys, please contact Lyrae Williams.

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