Goal 5: Make antiracism a central value in CC’s academic and co-curricular programs


Goal 5 Current Commitments:


The faculty adopted a new general education program and curricular requirements in May 2019, to be implemented in the 2020-21 academic year.

The Curriculum Executive Committee — with representation from faculty, students, and staff — determined that an examination of power, diversity, and inequality would be a central component in the new general education program.

This new curriculum incorporates and encourages the development of courses and learning opportunities that challenge racism and racist legacies in the U.S., globally, and in academic disciplines. It eliminates the West in Time requirement and adds a two-block Equity and Power requirement. Students will take one course in each of six “Learning across the Liberal Arts” categories: Analysis and Interpretation of Meaning; Creative Process; Formal Reasoning and Logic; Historical Perspectives; Scientific Analysis; and Societies and Human Behavior.

The college will conduct a curriculum review and mapping process during the 2020-21 academic year, which will be led by the new dean and director of the Crown Faculty Center in collaboration with the dean of the faculty and CEC. The intent of this review is not only to help ensure the new general education requirements are in place, but that we can address gaps and ensure that principles of diversity, inclusion, and antiracism are helping to guide course offerings across the entire curriculum. Department external reviews will also include assessment of antiracism progress.

Co-curricular programming will be reviewed and enhanced to ensure that antiracism efforts are supported in all activities.

Parties accountable: Board of Trustees, president, provost, dean of the faculty, vice provost, vice president for student life/dean of students, new dean for diversity and inclusion, and Curriculum Executive Committee

Updates, August 2021:

  • New general education program and curricular requirements were enacted in May 2019 and apply to students who started in the 2020-21 academic year. 
  • The curriculum review and mapping process was completed in the 2020-21 academic year. 
  • In June 2020, the college hired new leaders for senior associate dean for equity, inclusion, and faculty development and senior associate dean of students for diversity, equity & inclusion, and named an interim director of diversity, equity, and inclusion for staff. 
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In Progress

  • Mentoring Alliance Program for early career faculty 
  • Building/rebuilding trust and relationships with students and student organizations
  • DEI leadership positions - created and recruited 
  • Senior faculty hiring initiative to increase diversity, diversify the curriculum
  • Collaboration with the Butler Center and Bridge Scholar Program to increase outreach 


  • Member of the Liberal Arts Colleges Racial Equity Leadership Alliance
  • Annual antiracism work progress reports for institutional divisions, units, departments and programs
  • Individualized faculty development support
  • DEI development program for faculty searches
  • Equity & Power course development program; General Education program
  • Riley Scholars-In-Residence Program
  • Started the Colorado Pledge, making CC more affordable to Colorado families 


  • Colorado Springs Police Department liaison contract review
  • Antiracism, Informal Leadership, and Shared Governance Workshop for FEC
  • Academic Chairs and Directors Development Program
  • Elections 2020 in classrooms and panel discussion
  • Antiracist Pedagogies and the General Education Program Workshop
  • Antiracism in Field Study Workshop Series
  • Writing Instruction Workshop
  • Orienting the Butler Center to student development
  • Antiracism Plan Oversight Committee
  • External review of racism at CC; and established Antiracism Implementation Plan
  • Founded the Butler Center
  • Expanded Outdoor Education to include more inclusive programs
  • Added Living Learning Communities on Indigenous Peoples and LGBTQ+
  • Adopted a smudging policy
  • Added financial aid for blocks abroad
  • Added/enhanced block break programming
  • Centralized funding opportunities for students
  • Created financial literacy program in financial aid for Bridge Scholars
  • Started the Student Opportunities and Advising Hub
  • Made Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies a major
  • Made Indigenous Studies a minor
  • Added an elder-in-residence and diversity and inclusion specialist
  • Established the Africana Intellectual Project
  • Increased resources and tenure-track faculty in Southwest Studies, Feminist and Gender Studies, and Race, Ethnicity and Migration Studies
  • Completed the Susie B. Challenge supporting the Colorado Pledge
  • Joined QuestBridge; enrolled more than 150 QuestBridge students across four classes
  • Raised first endowment for Bridge Scholars Program, endowment resources for student internships through Edge Internship and Public Interest Fellow Program
  • Hired a curator of the Southwest Art Collection for the Fine Arts Center
  • Received $1.2 million grant to bring visiting Indigenous artists to campus
  • Hosted affinity reunions supporting marginalized groups 
  • Created a more accessible CC alumni travel program 
  • Established affinity based student support and mentoring programs
  • Established Antiracism Book Club
  • Established “Dismantling Hate: An Education Series Toward Understanding & Action”

NOTE: some of these progress points may apply to multiple goals.