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    Student Organizations

    There are 5 CCSGA chartered organizations in which students interested in the health professions may participate.

    Health Professions Club (HPC)

    HPC is a CCSGA organization for and run by students interested in the health professions. Health Professions Club (HPC) provides additional resources, guidance, and advice to students intending to follow a career in the health professions, (dental, medical, optometry, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, etc). HPC emphasizes making a difference on the Colorado College campus and in Colorado Springs by providing connections to health professionals within the community.

    HPC President: Grace Cook '19
    Vice President: Megan Viozzi '19
    Secretary: Robert Welch '18
    Treasurer: Alma Jukic '18

    Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS)

    MAPS is targeted towards underrepresented undergraduate students interested in the health professions (including Allied Health professions). Through a partnership between local SNMA (Student National Medical Association) chapters and other undergraduate students interested in health-related careers, the MAPS program aims to increase the matriculation of underrepresented students into health professions and related programs. This partnership primarily serves as an academic support system that provides information on how undergraduates may establish themselves as competitive candidates for health professions programs early in their undergraduate career. MAPS meets at least once a block and the meetings are open to anyone, but especially for underrepresented minority students interested in pursuing a career in health.

    MAPS Co-Presidents: Sidharth Tripathi '17 and Cheryn Aouaj '17

    Pre-Veterinary Club (PVC)

    Co-Chair: Magdalena Horowitz '20
    Co-Chair: Maddie Bodell ‘20
    Co-Chair: Madison Sternitsky '20

    Global Medicine Club

    GlobeMed is a student organization that is dedicated to increasing the visibility and awareness of global health issues with the goal of improving health disparities around the world. Here at Colorado College, GlobeMed partners with Western Organization of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Western Kenya to improve the health of vulnerable communities. We invite all members of the CC community to engage in debate, advocacy and service in the issues of global health, the health of underserved populations in the United States, humanitarian relief, international development, and health policy.

    EMS Club

    CC EMS is a student-staffed EMT squad dedicated to providing the highest quality of medical care to the Colorado College community. CC EMS also acts as an educational resource for students, faculty, and staff regarding topics in emergency medicine.