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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the acceptance rate for Med, Vet, Dental etc. schools at CC?

    For the 2017-18 Application year:  28 students applied to MD and DO school; 23 had interviews and 21 were accepted = 88%acceptance rate; 2 students applied to Dental school and were accepted= 100%acpetance rate; 3 Students applied to Vet school and were accepted= 100%acceptance rate; 1 applied to PA school and was accepted= 100%acceptance rate.

    What are the Medical Schools that accept our students?

    Acceptances include:  Creighton, University of Colorado, Duke, Emory, Georgetown, Harvard, Loyola, Northwestern, Oklahoma, University of Michigan, University of Arkansas, University of Minnesota, USC, University of Missouri, Oregon Health and Science University, Tulane, University of Washington, University of Vermont, University of Chicago, Rochester, St. Louis, University of Texas, Brown, Case Western, Einstein, University of Miami, Tufts, Yale, Mt. Sinai, Stanford, Drexel, Penn State, Thomas Jefferson, Hawaii, Utah, FIU, Texas Tech, Mayo Clinic, Dartmouth, George Washington, Baylor, New York Medical College, University of Wisconsin and many more.

    Can I take required courses at a community college or online?

    Most Med, Dental and Vet schools prefer the required courses to come from a 4-year institution.  It varies from school to school regarding online courses and community college courses.  The student will need to check the school of interest for specifics.

    Do I have to major in Biology or Chemistry to apply to med, vet or dental school?

    No, actually many medical schools prefer non-science majors as it exhibits a well-rounded understanding of many curricular areas.

    Will my AP courses count toward the required courses for my desired Health Profession Program?

    It depends on each school.  Many will prefer you to take an upper level course at the undergraduate level.

    How many CC students apply directly into medical school without a gap year?

    Usually only 2-3 students apply directly into any of the health professional programs.  Most of our applicants apply to these programs anywhere from 1 to 5 years post-graduation.

    For more information, contact Jane Byrnes, Health Professions Advising Manager,