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    Finding an Advisor

    The Advising Hub works to assist students in exploring various majors, courses, and academic programs available at CC. Our Advising and Fellowship Coordinator works one-on-one with students to ensure that they receive the time and attention it takes to look into all of the opportunities CC has to offer, and to assist in matching them with the appropriate faculty advisor.

    All new incoming students will be assigned to a pre-major faculty advisor prior to Block 1. A students’ faculty advisor may change as exploration of various major and career options takes place at CC, and a student may choose to switch faculty advisors at anytime by stopping by the Advising Hub. 

    While the Advising Hub works to assist students in exploring all available course options at CC, students should refer to their assigned faculty advisor when selecting courses for major requirements. 

    Please see the ‘Make an Appointment’ page to get connected with the Advising Hub today!

    First Year Advising

    Transfer Advising

    Winter Start Advising

    Major/Minor Advising