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    Faculty Lunch Talks Calendar

    2019-20 Academic Year

    Block 1:  Eli Fahrenkrug, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    New Tools for Improving Access to Community Water Quality

    Block 2:  Molly Moran, Mathematics
    Knot Theory

    Block 3:  Dwanna McKay, Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies

    Block 4:  Paul Myrow, Geology
    Reconstructing the Geologic History of South and Southeast Asia

    Block 5:  Kristi Erdal, Psychology
    How adults have changed children's sports over the past decades and 
    the consequences of those changes for children

    Block 6:  Christine Siddoway, Geology
    Afloat amongst Icebergs: Deep Water Drilling to retrieve Climate Records from Antarctica

    Block 7:  Jessica Hoel, Economics and Business
    Experimental and Behavior Economics at CC

    NOTE: Faculty Lunch presentations are open to all faculty and staff. Please register in advance via links on the Campus Calendar or through blockly Digest posts.

    Please see the All-College Committee list to view current membership of the Academic Events Committee